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'Revenge' more confusing story line this week: Will ABC renew 'boring' show?

Will ABC renew "Revenge" for season four?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

ABC’s “Revenge” was a Sunday night destination for many, but the show is now blown out of all proportion. It is getting boring with all these complicated sub-plots and it is getting to the point where Emily’s revenge looks like a comedy of errors. The Graysons, who were always the object of her “Revenge,” are just too unrealistic today and according to Fashion Style on April 11, the show is thought by many to be “boring” recently.

It is too bad, they had the right click going among the players, but with all the subplots they’ve weaved into this show it is hard to get a real feel for anyone today. Even Emily’s clothes are getting out of all proportion, she looks like she is constantly ready to leave for the Kentucky Derby with those hats. She is wearing gowns that don’t suit the young woman who first showed up to pay back the people who setup her dad.

It is hard to even explain the story line today as Jack isn’t the same great soul mate for Emily that he started out to be. Even Charlotte is someone hard to like anymore. At one point there were the good guys and the bad guys. Now everyone is a bad guy so you don’t even know who to root for any more. Rumors are swirling online that the show is close to the chopping block. While this is upsetting to some fans, many can understand why the show is not a shoe-in for another season.

The Christian Post reports that “Revenge” hasn’t officially been renewed for a fourth season at ABC. The decision to renew or cancel Revenge will come in May after ABC makes its presentation to the advertisers. Will it have enough meat left on its bones to entice viewers back for yet another season?

While it has shown up as one of Sunday night’s top rated show, this looks as if it will slowly decrease if the disappointment shared on Facebook and Twitter about the show is any indication. Some have already declared they’ve stopped watching “Revenge.” If it does get renewed, the folks at “Revenge” need to make a change to keep the viewer’s coming back.

“Revenge” went too far and instead of reeling itself back in and going back to a more realistic plot, they went even further into the bizarre. The social networks are full of complaints today about just how fed up they are with Emily Thorne’s “Revenge” plan. Emily and Aiden were once the perfect match, but even these two are looking rather rancid together especially since he was with the other woman a while back.

No one can make a relationship work in this show, but not for realistic reasons. Jack’s girlfriend’s father, who looks more like he should be her brother and Victoria are hot and heavy now. Why is it that everyone that comes into town picks up with this woman where they left off decades ago? Hopefully the writers will kick in some more realistic story lines, let Emily finally knock off the Grayson’s one by one and get on with life.

People have gotten away with just too much murder in this show. It is to the point that you don't even consider a consequence for one of the main players when they knock someone off. If they go to jail, you know that is momentary at best. The show doesn't lack talent, it gets an A+ for the acting and that is why these great characters need something more than they have been handed lately. Let Emily get rid of some of the people she first arrived to kill and then let her settled down with Jack, not Aiden or Daniel.

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