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'Revenge' initiates war between newlyweds

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Emily: “When I was a child, my father woke me every morning with the same phrase: ‘life is a great sunrise.’ The words shaped the way I saw the dawn, but after my father was taken from me, the morning sun burned like fire. That’s when I learned what hatred was, and that it would great me, each day to come.”

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“Hatred” is tonight’s episode of “Revenge.” If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode, then beware of spoilers. To review what happened last time, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Revenge” returns March 9th at 9 on ABC (KTRK).

Emily is losing her mind. No, seriously she is blacking out and appearing someplace else. It is unclear what exactly is happening. Since it is only the first episode where this occurs, it is excusable. However, it is weird that after the incident where she appeared in Nolan’s house, Emily does not mention it to anyone or even comment on it herself. Instead, the very end of the episode features another episode. The writers will definitely have to clear this up in the next episode. Right now it is bordering between the lines of mystery and confusing. What are your theories on Emily’s condition?

Daniel is not hiding his affair with Sarah. There’s no doubt about it. This new Daniel is much more interesting. However, it would be great to see him acting a bit smarter. None of his strikes against Emily seem to be all that hurtful, although Emily did seem to care that he let go all of the staff. Perhaps Victoria and Daniel can team up to take down Emily because this would be much more interesting than Victoria and Patrick running around. Is it bad that I didn’t really care about any part of their storyline?

Honestly, right now Nico is annoying anytime she is not with Emily. She has an interesting relationship with Emily, and right now, Nico is almost taking on her father’s role when it comes to advising Emily. Hopefully this relationship will continue, but odds are, the focus will be on Nico taking revenge on Aiden. You would think Aiden would be better at hiding evidence. Does anyone care about the Nico vs Aiden showdown?

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