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'Revenge': How will Emily change in season 4?

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Fans can't wait for season 4 of "Revenge" to premiere and luckily, the show is returning in September, so there isn't too long of a wait left. So what can viewers expect when the show returns? On July 20, Breathecast reported that Emily Thorne is going to be a changed woman. At least that is what is being teased, but will she really be able to change?

The last three seasons, Emily has tried to get revenge against the Grayson's and she finally succeeded. In the upcoming season, she is going to try to live in truth. But there may be people who might try to turn her life upside down. First, there is the return of her father, David Clarke. She will probably have mixed feelings about this. The man who she thought was dead all of these years suddenly returns alive. She loves her father and might be happy he has returned, but she will no doubt feel anger. Why didn't he let her know he was alive? Why did he stay hidden all of those years?

Then there is Victoria Grayson. On the season finale, Emily was able to get her locked up in a mental hospital. However, Victoria is going to play a major part in season 4, so it seems safe to assume that she gets out at some point. What will her plans for Emily Thorne be and will it cause Emily to revert back to battling her?

Emily is going to have to take responsibility for the things she has done. One major "Revenge" season 4 spoiler is that Emily and Charlotte's relationship will be dealt with. The return of David Clarke will obviously add in another twist to the storyline.

Carter Matt also published some "Revenge" season 4 news. Emily VanCamp, who plays Emily Thorne, tweeted that the first day of filming was complete. She tweeted,

“And we’re back! Day one of #Revenge season 4 complete :) #Nolem in a Bentley. #Onlyinthehamptons”

Are you looking forward to season 4 of "Revenge?" What do you think is going to happen with Emily? How will she react to her father's return? What will Victoria's storyline be this season?

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