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‘Revenge’ everyone has a new ‘Allegiance’ and Victoria finds out who Emily is

‘Revenge’ everyone has a new ‘Allegiance’ and Victoria finds out who Emily is
‘Revenge’ everyone has a new ‘Allegiance’ and Victoria finds out who Emily is
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The April 13 episode of ABC’sRevenge” saw new alliances formed, a death, a break up and a shocking discovery unfold. Much of it centered around Pascal as his involvement in the David Clarke affair was revealed. Buckle your seatbelts – we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

Knowing Pascal is in Victoria’s pocket, Emily was not surprised when he tried to bait her with an invitation to a day at the races. He tried to get her to divulge what she knows about the Graysons for cash. Emily was too smart for him and called his bluff. She filled Aiden in on this development as she used her computer to try to figure out who Oscar Chapman is.

Nolan, disappointed about how his partnership with Javier imploded, tried again. He unknowingly interrupted a romp between Javier and Charlotte. Charlotte was pressuring Javier to meet with Daniel and he fell for it. During the meeting, Daniel and Margaux expressed great interest in Javier’s software. Promising him the cover of Voulez, they won him over. The Nolan-Javier allegiance is the first to fall.

Emily and Victoria ran into one another at the races and exchanged only a few terse words before Victoria moved on. She had spotted a familiar face from the past, Luke Gilliam. A former co-worker of Conrad’s, Luke had been the intended patsy they were going to frame for the bombing of flight 197. Luke ducked out before he could be set up and David Clarke went down in his place. Victoria was angry to see him and blamed him for what happened to David. Emily, hidden nearby, heard their conversation. When Victoria later confronted Conrad about Luke, he advised her to find out what Pascal’s part in taking David Clarke down had been.

According to Hollywood Life’s recap, Jack and Margaux’s relationship has been teetering for a while thanks to Daniel’s machinations. She’s been concerned with her magazine and taking over her father’s media empire while Jack was concerned with His mom’s drinking relapse. After being gone for a week, he wanted to spend time with Margaux but she brushed him off.

When Jack learned how Daniel an Margaux had stolen Javier away from Nolan, he was furious. He confronted Margaux and warned that Daniel wasn’t her friend. She refused to listen. Finally Jack had enough. “I love you Margaux, but I can’t be around you right now,” Jack said. Allegiance #2 down. Nolan isn’t out of the fight either. He warned Charlotte and Daniel that they had started a war with him.

In the hunt for Oscar Chapman, Nolan and Aiden worked together. It was Nolan who discovered that one Brenda Evans was a person of interest in Chapman’s life. The 2 men set up a stake out in front of Evans’ home. While they waited, Aiden confided that he was upset about his father’s part in the bombing. Nolan reminded him that he still didn’t have all the facts.

Evans turned up and they cornered her. It turns out Evans was really Chapman in disguise. Nolan convinced him to come out of hiding and talk to them. Chapman knew Aiden was Trevor’s son and told Aiden that Trevor had no idea what he’d been tasked to do. He had been doing what he needed to in order to save his daughter and afterward was devastated. He had been prepared to pay for his crime when he died. Trevor told Oscar his story and Oscar took it to Pascal. Trevor’s death had not been a suicide. He’d been murdered by Pascal.

When Victoria pressured Pascal about his involvement in David’s death, he was reluctant to talk. It took her starting to hit him to cause a change of heart. He conceded that he became involved to protect her. He has loved her all along and knew that if Conrad went down, he would take Victoria with him.

Pascal then went to see Conrad and played proof of Conrad’s involvement in the bombing. Pascal had recorded their 1993 conversation and he now owns Conrad. A new allegiance was formed.

Fuming over Margaux’s behavior, Jack went to visit pal Emily. He couldn’t understand how it was possible that Margaux couldn’t see what the Graysons were up to. Emily listened and tried to figure out how to take Luke down. He is the owner of an organization that promotes clean water but she had learned that the chemicals he used were toxic. Jack volunteered to help and Jack and Emily formed another allegiance.

Emily set Luke up, with Jack’s help and Luke invited Emily to his awards ceremony. Emily managed to pilfer a sample of his chemicals. She later learned it contained only gelatin and saline, a fraudulent sample. She passed a memory stick to Jack that would be Luke’s undoing. At the ceremony, Luke drank a sample and was poisoned by the chemicals he purported to be safe. Victoria was keeping a close eye on Emily, though.

Pascal, realizing that Oscar was a threat, headed over to the man’s apartment where he killed him. Conrad found Aiden at a bar and informed him that Oscar had been murdered. He warned Aiden that he would be next if he and his sidekick didn’t stop digging.

Luke didn’t die from the poisoning because Emily still had use for him. She ordered him to help her take down Conrad. He agreed, so long as she left him alone. Another new allegiance is formed.

At the end of the day, Emily has moved closer to her goal. She congratulates Jack on moving in with Margaux. He lets her know that his relationship with Margaux is on the skids. Emily asks if he’s okay with that and he says yes. Using her favorite red Sharpie, Emily crosses Luke’s name off her list.

As it turns out, Victoria had started making a list of her own. She started tracking the victims of Emily’s revenge hit parade with a black Sharpie. It took only a moment for Victoria to realize that Emily wasn’t just targeting the Graysons but anyone involved with David Clarke’s framing.

Has Victoria figured out that Emily is really Amanda Clarke, David’s daughter? ABC’s “Revenge” airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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