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‘Revenge’ episode 5 ‘Control’: Who tried to kill Conrad is revealed

Who tried to kill Conrad? One of the kids
Who tried to kill Conrad? One of the kids
Photo by Youtube (Screen capture)

Emily lost all manner of “Control” when episode 5 of “Revenge” aired on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. Daniel cancelled the wedding, Aiden threatened Jack’s life and Nolan showed signs of tiring of the game and that’s just for openers.

In episode 5, Conrad barely survived a car accident that claimed the life of Father Paul. Evidence indicated that it was more than just an accident however and Aiden assigned himself the task of unearthing who was behind the attempt on Conrad’s life.

Early in the episode, he confronted Jack Porter, advising him to leave town. Seems Conrad was under the impression that Jack had tampered with the car’s brakes and there would be no stopping Conrad until he had exacted his revenge on Jack and his family. Aiden advised that Jack and Carl get out of Dodge.

Aiden later tells Victoria, however, that it was one of her children who made the attempt on her husband’s life. In a tearful confession, Charlotte accompanied by Victoria, tells Conrad that is was she would tried to kill him. She couldn’t forgive him for his role in Declan’s death and the ensuing miscarriage she suffered. She wasn’t thinking clearly and acted out of passion. Nobly, he forgives her and says now they can begin to heal.

So was it Jack or Charlotte? Turns out it was neither. Charlotte later tells her mother she was happy to confess in order to protect Jack because she knows he’s innocent. So who was it?

Aiden tells Emily the truth – we think. He says it was Patrick, Victoria’s golden boy, first born whom she thinks can do no wrong. How will Victoria deal with this or was she part of the plot? Tune in to find out. “Dissolution will air Sunday, Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. on ABC. Check back often for updates, news and spoilers for “Revenge” as they become available.

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