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‘Revenge’ episode 3x19 ‘Allegiance’ synopsis, promo and sneak peek videos

‘Revenge’ episode 3x19 ‘Allegiance’ synopsis, promo and sneak peek videos
‘Revenge’ episode 3x19 ‘Allegiance’ synopsis, promo and sneak peek videos
Photos by ABC Promotional

Looks like things are getting revenge-ier on “Revenge” as the spoilers for “Allegiance” show. According to the synopsis, shared by Wetpaint on April 6, the real question is "Who's taking down who?"

Here's what the official synopsis says about “Allegiance”:

“A day at the races leads to new revelations and a takedown that may be Emily's last. As Emily learns the identity of a key conspirator against her father, Victoria sets a trap she knows Emily can’t resist.”

In the accompanying promo video, Victoria and Emily take their sparring match to the races. Jack says, “I’m in,” but to whom and for what is unclear. There are sparks flying and someone fires a gun. Things look pretty wild!

The sneak peek, however, shows a more subdued but very important scene. We think it has to do with the aforementioned trap. In the scene, Emily approaches Pascal at the races, noting that he invited her. She is surprised because she didn’t think he was interested in what she had to say. He reminds here he is always interested in the thoughts of beautiful women, especially those in possession of secrets about the Graysons. He is willing to pay for what she knows.

While that is a tempting offer, given Emily’s current financial situation, she asks why he doesn’t use other sources. He says she is the one with connect ions to Conrad. On to him, she says, “What about your new partner. She was married to him for over 20 years.” Pascal only smiles and says nothing.

Emily tells him she knows he’s trying to play her and to deliver a message to Victoria – “Nice try.”

It sounds like Victoria’s trap was to have Pascal lure Emily to the races so he could get her to spill what she knows for money. Victoria is desperate to know what Emily knows about the Grayson family.

“Revenge” will air “Allegiance” on Sunday, April 13 on ABC. Check out the slideshow, too.

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