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‘Revenge’ episode 3x18 ‘Blood’ brings back Mason and visits Aiden’s past

‘Revenge’ episode 3x18 ‘Blood’ brings back Mason and visits Aiden’s past
‘Revenge’ episode 3x18 ‘Blood’ brings back Mason and visits Aiden’s past
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In ‘Blood’, Emily and Aiden travelled to his home in England to visit his mother and Emily and Victoria played tug of war for Mason Treadwell’s loyalty on “Revenge”. ABC aired it Sunday, April 6 and if you haven’t watched yet, be advised there are episode 3x18 spoilers ahead.

Aiden revisits his past

A dreadful nightmare of the day Aiden’s father shot himself wakes Aiden. With no evidence linking his father and Pascal, Aiden asks Emily to accompany him to England to see his mother. They pretend to be an engaged couple to make his reappearance after an 8-year absence easier on mom. Aiden tries to get her to open up about what happened to his dad but she’s unable to do so because it is still too painful. She still believes her daughter Colleen is living happily somewhere after running away with no idea the girl is really dead.

After some poignant conversations between Aiden and his mom and Emily and his mom, Aiden decides to tell her the truth. He’s found a clue, a name his father left behind, Oscar Chapman. With that bit of knowledge in hand, he sits mom down for a chat and explains dad wasn’t a terrorist and Colleen didn’t run away. She was kidnapped and dad was blackmailed into helping with putting the bomb on the airplane. He tells her Colleen has died and he is on the trail of those responsible. He admits he and Emily aren’t engaged and explains why he lied. The two are reconnected and all is well for them.

He learns Oscar Chapman was a freelance reporter who had worked for Pascal. He died in a car accident leaving him nowhere to go. HE and Emily end up making love.

Conrad and Pascal

Conrad is not happy when he learns Pascal has decided to back out of their business arrangement, especially after Conrad helped Pascal woo Victoria. Not to be outdone by anyone, Conrad visits the Frenchman’s South American business partner and shares some inside information that has the investor bailing.

Margaux learns her father is grooming her brother to take over the family business in spite of her education and business success. Daniel uses the opportunity to get closer to her, which in turn pisses off Jack. Daniel has a friendly chat with Pascal which causes the older man to rethink things and he apologizes for being a crappy dad to Margaux. She turns to Daniel to celebrate with a drink.

The Mason tug-of-war

Victoria visits Mason in prison. She wants to know what he knows about Emily Thorne. He’s willing to tell if she can get him sprung from prison by the end of the month. Once she leaves, he calls Emily to see what she can do for him. Unless she reveals her plans to keep her part of the bargain in the next 24 hours, he is going to spill his guts to Victoria. Stevie goes to meet with Mason and represents herself as his lawyer so their conversation cannot be recorded. She makes an offer on Emily’s behalf but Mason decides Victoria is the way to go.

Nolan and Javier

Nolan draws up a partnership contract that gives him 70% of the profits from Javier’s software. Javier says no way and tells Charlotte about the deal. He also mentions knowing Jack and tells her about how he helped Jack get some information for Emily. This leads her to believe Jack really is in cahoots with Emily as Daniel has suggested. She says her brother may be able to help him with his Nolan problem.

Wrapping up loose ends

Mason receives some shaving cream from a prison guard. The only problem is the cream has a toxic affect. Victoria visits Stevie and informs her that after visiting Mason, he was found dead in his cell. She leaves a bottle of booze for Stevie, who breaks down and drinks it. Jack finds her and decides to help her leave and return to L.A. The Hamptons are no good for her. She wants him and Carl to come with. He can’t. She thinks it’s because deep down he’s in love with Emily.

Mason’s body is removed from the prison by the coroner but Mason wakes up inside his body bag and begins screaming for help. The van stops and the driver is none other than Nolan. The face cream was courtesy of Emily who had an ingredient added that simulates death for 12 hours. Mason is to be given a new identity, financial support and a new home in a tropic location far off the grid. Nolan asks him what he knows about Oscar Chapman. Mason confirms that reporter may have known what the connection was between Pascal and Aiden’s father and that he faked his own death. He could still be alive somewhere, if Emily and Aiden can find him.

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