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‘Revenge’ episode 3X15 recap ‘Struggle’ has someone leaving the Hamptons

Emily Thorne has been in a “Struggle” for her sanity since she was shot and started experiencing lapses in her memory on “Revenge.” It seemed by the time episode 3X15 wrapped up, though, she had found her center once again. So had someone else who decided to leave the Hamptons once and for all, according to the March 16 report on ABC.

Photo by ABC Promotional
‘Revenge’ episode 3X15 recap ‘Struggle’ has someone leaving the Hamptons
Photos by ABC Promotional

In the midst of yet another blackout, Emily destroys the hand carved double infinity sign her father left on the porch railing so many years ago. She tells Nolan she’s still having the blackouts but refuses to seek medical help. She tells she is going to do what she should have from the start – kill them all.

A panicked Nolan turns to Aidan for help. Nolan kidnaps Emily just before she attempts to murder Conrad without an exit strategy. Using Takeda’s drowning technique, he attempts to draw Emily back into the present. The reverse happens and she has flashbacks that leave her blaming her father for everything that’s gone wrong. That’s why she destroyed his carving.

She relates the story of the night before she was taken to Aidan. Emily overheard Victoria tell her father that they should run away together. Victoria saw the little girl and gave her a menacing look. Later, Emily found her father in bed with Victoria and he yelled at her to get out. She ran out to the beach and her dad followed. He tried to convince Emily that she would have to accept Victoria because he loved her. Grown-up Emily blames him for not listening to her all those years ago.

She cries in Aiden’s arms but she’s had a breakthrough and wants to continue trying to clear her father’s name. She kisses Aiden.

Jack’s offer on his dream house gets turned down. Stevie visits him and tries to explain how difficult it had been to leave him as a baby but he doesn’t want to hear her story. He calls her a Grayson and leaves. He turns to Emily and tells her about Stevie being his mom but that he feels Stevie is holding something back. Emily suggests he give her a chance but cautiously. Then, she thanks him for giving her another chance, too.

Patrick goes to a tribute for his late dada and gets into a brawl. Victoria bails him out of jail and realizes he is drowning emotionally. She pays Nolan a visit and blames him for putting Patrick on the track of his father without knowing what an awful man he was.

Nolan then drops in on Patrick. He reminds him of all the people he’s killed since arriving in the Hamptons, of how’s he’s changing and doesn’t even realize it. Nolan tells Patrick that he’s arranged for his idol in the art world, Stefano Leoni to attend a big event he’s hosting. There is a booth there for Patrick if he wants it.

At the event, Victoria lets Patrick know that she’s in a ser5ious battle with Stevie over Grayson Manor. She has plans but doesn’t tell Patrick what they are for now. It’s clear they aren’t going to be good for Stevie. Patrick gets an offer from Stefano to be his apprentice in Milan. Afraid to confront Victoria in person, Patrick leaves his mother a voice message letting her know he’s gone and that he’ll always love her. She and Nolan congratulate themselves on saving Patrick and getting him out of there before he wound up in jail or dead.

Stevie shows up at Jack’s and shows him a coin. It’s an AA coin. She’s been sober 20 years but at the time he was born, she couldn’t stay sober for even a day. She knew she couldn’t be a good mom and had to get her life together. She hadn’t expected it would take so long. She didn’t come back earlier because she hadn’t been prepared to face Conrad and Victoria…or Jack, until now. The Graysons have always been a trigger for her. Jack asks if she’d like to come by later and meet her grandson.

Daniel hires someone to follow and Emily. He believes she’s conspiring with his dad against him. His spy brings him a photo of Emily kissing Aiden and this makes Daniel smile. Conrad’s happy too because his plan to force Margaux’s hand into getting her father involved worked. Pascal is on his way. Emily realizes that it was

"Revenge" airs Sundays on ABC.

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