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‘Revenge’ episode 3X14 ‘Payback’ synopsis, promo 2, ‘Kill them all’

It won’t be long until “Revenge” returns with “Payback” and Emily’s renewed vow for revenge. On Feb. 17, Wetpaint unveiled the episode 3X14 synopsis and we found a second sneak peak promo to go with the episode 3X14 spoilers.

‘Revenge’ episode 3X14 ‘Payback’ synopsis, promo 2, ‘Kill them all’
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

"In-laws scheme and exes return as Emily becomes her own worst enemy. While Emily's mysterious blackouts threaten everything and everyone she holds dear, Victoria confronts two formidable ghosts from her past."

In the new episode 3X14 promo, there is a short snippet with Nolan and Emily where he says to her, “Next time you want to spend the night with the devil, a heads up would be nice.” He looks like he is good-naturedly ribbing her but she looks fit to be tied. We think it was never her plan to spend the night with Conrad; it’s probably the blackouts.

The ghosts are none other than Conrad’s ex, Stevie and Margaux’d dad, Pascal with whom Victoria once had a steamy affair before marrying Conrad.

The promo also shows Emily locked in battle with Niko who is no doubt trying to avenge her father’s death. She probably doesn’t know Aiden killed him.

Another scene shows Victoria promising that “I will fight you until my last breath” while Emily smirks at her. Daniel is seen aiming and firing a gun and in another clip he says, with a drink in his hand, “My wife may be conspiring with my father.”

A voice over promises the most intriguing tidbit. As Victoria, Emily and Daniel sit across from each other in a sunny living room, the voice says “New alliances.”

Lastly, Nolan asks Emily “What are you going to do.” She replies “Kill them all.”

Check out the promo and see for yourself! “Revenge” returns Sunday, March with episode 3X14, “Payback” on ABC.

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