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'Revenge’ death on season finale: Fans shocked as Victoria ruthlessly kills

Emily VanCamp had to be sad about the death of Aiden on season finale
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The fans of “Revenge” got a taste of death on the season finale. Everyone expected that someone would be killed, but when it really happened, it was an intense moment. On Sunday night there were several twists, but the first death had to be the biggest blow. This “Revenge” spoiler reveals who was killed on the season finale so fans who don’t want to know should stop reading now. According to WetPaint on Sunday, the first death of the night was Aiden Mathis, brought down by Victoria Grayson.

This wasn’t the biggest twist of the night, but fans were really hoping that Aiden wouldn't be taken out. Apparently Emily and Victoria were dead set on destroying each other and there were consequences for the decisions made in prior episodes. Lives will be lost and fates will be altered, but who will rise victorious? It appears that the answer to that question will need to wait until next season as Emily Thorne continues her journey.

According to Christian Today, the death wasn't revealed directly, but the fans knew that nothing was off limits when it came to the characters. The show was picked up for a new season and teased a big twist at the end of the series finale by asking fans to carefully watch the last few minutes of the show.

So how did the fans respond to Aiden’s death? With shock, horror and some fans even grieved on social media. While many people were expecting a death, it was one of the characters that are beloved by the fans leaving everyone horrified that the man’s life was terminated right before the viewer’s very eyes.

While the show might have suggested that there would be death on “Revenge” it appears the viewers of the ABC show weren’t quite ready to let Aiden go.

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