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‘Revenge’ death on season finale? Character leaving show will shock viewers

Emily VanCamp
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The “Revenge” death that is planned on the season finale is going to rock the world of viewers who love the ABC show. There isn’t a viewer who hasn’t heard that someone is going to die by the end of the season, but exactly who and details on when have been elusive. According to E! Online on Wednesday, Victoria will make her biggest move against Emily yet, but there is more.

Apparently, it’s possible that more than one character could die by the end of the show. According to MStarz on Wednesday, there are multiple deaths and the twist will have fans shocked beyond belief. On the show, Emily has managed to get Conrad Grayson behind bars, but her mission does not stop until she takes down Victoria, too. Destined to do as she needs to finish the job, it appears that fans are going to see the character be as brutal as needed.

Emily VanCamp who plays Emily Thorne, even responded to the killing of one of the characters. Apparently she cried after the filming of the season finale episode as she found the ending hard to accept. If the stars on the show are moved by the ending, there is no doubt the viewers are in for a shock too.

The site Enstarz is reporting on Wednesday that the killing of the character will happen by the end of the show and that all the fans will be surprised and shocked. While it’s always sad to see popular characters leave, the fans have been previously complaining that the show was slow and seemed to be predictable. Now, with a chance to revive the revenge necessary for Emily, the fans once again can hardly wait to see what is next. Apparently the deaths seen on the show will alter the journey of all the characters.

“Revenge” airs on Sunday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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