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'Revenge': David Clarke to get in the middle of Emily and Victoria's battle

James Tupper plays David Clarke on "Revenge"
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for NBCUniversal

The one thing ans of "Revenge" are most excited about is finding out more about David Clarke. Viewers speculated for a while that he would turn up alive and that theory proved correct. On the season 3 finale, he showed up and now everyone has questions about what will happen in season 4. On June 16, Christian Today reported that when the show returns, David Clarke will eventually get in the middle of Emily and Victoria's battle.

Nobody really knows for sure what to expect from David, but it has been teased that he is no longer about forgiveness. Viewers saw what he did to Conrad on the season finale. This is probably just a taste of what to expect from his character.

As viewers know, Emily Thorne is the real Amanda Clarke, but does David know that she is his daughter? Or does he believe that she is dead? Will Emily tell him who she really is or will she cautiously step back and wait? While she usually plans things ahead, David Clarke's return will be emotional for her. No doubt she will be overjoyed that he is alive, but she will also want to know why he never tried to contact her.

As far as him getting in between Emily and Victoria, executive producer Aaron Harberts told TV Guide some details. He said that David will eventually end up in the middle of one battle in particular. Victoria will come out of the psychiatric facility with a lot of anger towards Emily. As Emily tries to live a more positive life, Victoria is going to come after her with everything she's got. It's interesting that David will get in the middle of this unless he finds out (or already knows) that Emily is really his daughter. The "Revenge" executive producer said of David Clarke,

"He's going to cause a lot of problems because he's at a point where these two women's lives intersect."

Other "Revenge" season 4 spoilers include Emily to have a new love interest. There are a few different reports regarding this. TV Line wrote that her love interest will be a new character. But it has also been stated that Emily's journey will involve Jack Porter. Showrunner Sunil Nayar did say that Emily and Jack will bond while she deals with her grief, but also said that it won't be instant because relationships need to be believable. Note that Nayar did not say that Emily and Jack will definitely connect romantically, but if they bond and get closer, it is a real possibility.

What do you think will happen with David Clarke in season 4 of "Revenge?" Will he find out that Emily is his daughter? How will he get in the middle of Emily and Victoria's battle?

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