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‘Revenge’ brings ‘Disgrace’ to Emily but at whose hands?

Revenge” episode 3X16 “Disgrace” saw Margaux’s father arrive, Stevie align herself with Emily and Emily get publicly disgraced in a big way – but at whose hands? Read on to find out if you missed the show which aired on Sunday, March 23 on ABC.

Emily, Daniel and Victoria Grayson attend the opera
Photo by ABC Promotional
‘Revenge’ brings ‘Disgrace’ to Emily but at whose hands?
Photos by ABC Promotional

Emily discovers that Stevie once visited her father in prison, using her maiden name of Pruitt to cloak the fact she was a Grayson. Determined to learn what Stevie was up to, Emily “runs into” Stevie outside her AA meeting but is startled when Jack appears there as well. He asks her to leave Stevie out of things because people involve d Grayson affairs usually end up hurt or dead.

Margaux has purchased tickets to an upcoming opera for herself, Jack and Jack’s mom. The Graysons will be there and so will Margaux’s father, Pascal, who is in town at Margaux’s request to help her with her magazine and the trouble with Conrad. Pascal and Conrad have a complicated relationship and seem to be more at odds with one another than do friends. Pascal was the one who introduced Victoria and Conrad. Learning she is about to be a free woman, Pascal invites her to lunch but she declines, citing his renowned ability to find other company. He buys her a designer gown which she wears to the opera.

Conrad tells Emily that Stevie tried to involve herself with his business after she sobered up but it never happened. Jack learns from Stevie that she visited David Clarke because she thought he got a raw deal. Stevie sees Emily in one of Jacks’ wedding photos and later visits Emily wanting to know who she really is. Emily is just someone who thinks David Clarke was innocent too. Stevie wants to help but out of respect for Jack, Emily turns down her offer. When Jack later learns Stevie had some helpful evidence in her possession, he reconsiders.

Daniel confronts Emily about the photo of her kissing Aiden and Victoria is on hand for the fireworks. He wants a divorce. Emily launches into an act about how he shot her and forced her to blame Lydia as the tears well up in her eyes. How could anyone blame her for taking comfort elsewhere under the circumstances? She promises him that was a preview of her testimony should he take her to court. After her performance, Victoria believes Emily is targeting the Grayson family, not their money and hires Daniel’s investigator to find out.

Nolan finds Javier, his former prison buddy, rummaging around in his kitchen. He’s recently been paroled and needs a place to crash. Nolan agrees to one day but soon learns that Javier4 put himself under house arrest using Nolan’s address. It’s not all bad though because Javier helps Jack find the files at Stevie’s old law firm that might help the David Clarke case. When he turns them over to Emily, she warns Jack to stay out of it for his own safety.

When Margaux confront Pascal and asks him to stay out of her magazine business, she learns things are not as they seem. Conrad reveals that Pascal has been keeping fake ledgers on her business and using them to support quarterly write-offs. Conrad is trying to force Pascal into a merger that Pascal is trying hard to avoid until Conrad offers him one thing he’s always wanted: Victoria. Margaux is unhappy when she learns her father will be sticking around and asks Daniel if he wants to help her show their fathers what they are made of. He’s in.

While sitting in the Grayson box at the opera, Charlotte shows Victoria a story that came through the Voulez tip line about Emily. It contains Emily’s health records and reveals she faked her pregnancy to get Daniel to marry her. Victoria seizes the moment and confronts Emily – loudly – in the middle of the opera. Emily flees only to be greeted by paparazzi outside the theater.

The next day, Daniel serves Emily with divorce papers and she is kicked out of Grayson Manor. Jack stops by her beach house and learns she was the one who leaked the medical papers. It’s all part of her latest plan and Jack wants to be part of it. The hard drives he stole for Emily reveal Pascal may have been involved in what happened to Emily’s father. She doesn’t want him to get involved since Pascal is his girlfriend’s father. He wants in anyway.

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