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‘Revenge’ 3x22 Recap - shocking finale that will have you wanting more

‘Revenge’ 3x22 Recap - shocking finale that will have you wanting more-slide0

In the last episode, Victoria and Conrad fight at each other as they learn of Charlotte’s kidnapping.

In this week’s episode, titled “Execution”, we get the season finale as someone finds their life in danger and Victoria closes in on the truth about Emily.

In this week’s episode, titled “Execution”, we get the season finale as someone finds their life in danger and Victoria closes in on the truth about Emily. With the tagline ‘Goodbye Emily Thorne’ makes you wonder what’s going to happen when Victoria finds out.

Emily and Aiden are revealing in the glory of them taking down Conrad but Emily is still hung up on the ring.

Conrad is denied bail and the judge announces that he’s going to be opening up David Clarke’s case too. He gets bad news from his lawyer when he learns that he’s now going to be charged with Pascal’s murder. His lawyer suggests taking a plea.

He quickly sees that jail is going to be worse then he probably thought it would be. The guards will be picking on him because of what he did (perhaps some more justice then Emily expected?) come to find out that Conrad had a trick up his sleeve. The guard that was beating him was helping him escape prison.

Nolan tells the group that the man who wrote the letters is staying at David’s cabin. Emily is going to go and investigate it. This man has obviously some kind of vendetta of his own. When she gets there, things get hairy as Kurt attacks her but he’s no match for Emily as she wins the fight.

We see that Victoria had Kurt send the letters to try and lure Emily out and confirm her suspicions that the woman who claimed to be Amanda Clarke is really not Amanda Clarke. Emily thinks that Michelle Banks (her therapist at a kid that brainwashed her into thinking that David was guilty) is the key to getting the focus off her and back on Victoria

Aiden goes to see Michelle to get her records but what he doesn’t expect is that Victoria is there waiting for him. She had slipped something in his tea to give him paralysis and when he’s gone she smothers him with a pillow until he’s dead.

Margaux’s brother, Gideon, shows up claiming to be there for Margaux but there is something off with his presence. We soon see that he wants the company (even though he claims he didn’t want to) and is teaming up with Nolan to do so. Nolan tells them in order for him to get the company is to take down Daniel.

Javier and Nolan make up in sorts.

Emily gets the good news that David’s conviction was overturned by comes up to Aiden’s dead body. Jack and Nolan try to comfort her but all Aiden’s death did was just rejuvenate Emily’s revenge on the Graysons. The war between Emily and Victoria just got a whole lot more intense as it’s going to be a lot of back and forth between these two.

Gideon comes to Nolan with an incriminating photo of Daniel lying in bed with a dead body.

Emily tries to convince Charlotte to move David’s body but she refuses (not making things easier for Emily). Charlotte ends up telling Victoria and Victoria goes to the graveyard to confront Emily. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was the plan. She wanted to lure Victoria out.

The ending of the show surely gave us a lot to think about. Where to begin where to begin. While Conrad thinks that he escape prison come to find out that he was let out just so he could die. By who? None other then David Clarke himself. That’s right David Clarke is alive and well and looks to be on his own agenda.

Victoria finds herself in a psychiatrist hospital put there by Emily and Michelle Banks claiming that she’s crazy and that she’s been obsessed with her being Amanda Clarke. Charlotte figures out that Jack was the one that kidnapped her and told the police about it.

This season certainly has given us a lot to think about. The show returned to what made it so successful in
the first season after having a rough 2nd season. This season, Emily is able to get Conrad to confess his sins and now will be looking to take down Victoria. But there were casualties on the way. Aiden gave up his life to help Emily and she has gained a new enemy in Daniel. No doubt she will try to take him down as well.

Questions that we need answered are who is this Kurt guy and what is his intentions in all of this? Was he working with David the whole time and that’s how he got the ring and the cabin or could have Victoria given him this stuff? Why did David come out of hiding after so long? Could he it be that he’s out for his own revenge after thinking that Amanda is dead? The guard that let Conrad out was there the day that David was ‘killed’ in prison. Were they working together the whole time? Could that white-haired man have been helping David? Maybe her mother sent him in to rescue David from prison. And the biggest question of all, does Emily know that David’s alive? My guess is no. I think she thinks he was dead which is why she killed the white-haired man, but of course, anything is possible.

Revenge has been picked up for a 4th season and will be coming back next fall until then, we will just have to sit and think about all the theories that could explain what just happened in this season.

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