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'Revenge' 3x21: Why was Charlotte kidnapped?

Christa B. Allen plays Charlotte on "Revenge"+
Photo by Jason Merritt

On the last episode of "Revenge," Charlotte was kidnapped. Now fans are wondering who took her and why. On Monday, Spoilers Guide posted a sneak peek of the upcoming "Impetus" episode. The clip does not reveal the identity of the man who took Charlotte, but gives a clue as to why she was taken.

The video clips of "Revenge" season 3, episode 21 shows the abductor dragging Charlotte into a room that has bright lights and what appears to be a hospital bed. He sits her down in a chair and takes her blindfold off, although he keeps her hands bound. What happens next reveals why he took her.

He takes some tape and puts it over her mouth and tells her that as long as she cooperates, she will be fine. He then takes a newspaper, which has the report of Pascal's death on the front page, and places it in front of her. It appears that he is trying to get some sort of payback for Pascal's death. Charlotte is in front of a huge television screen or monitor, with the newspaper propped up in front of her.

ABC posted a few photographs of the upcoming episode on their website. One shows Emily, Nolan and Aiden together. Nolan is sitting at a computer and the next has a close-up of Emily looking at a computer screen while talking to someone on a headset. In the background a microphone is seen at a different desk. Could they be at some sort of recording studio? In the sneak peek, it shows the kidnapper closing the door when he leaves Charlotte and on the door it says not to open when the red light is flashing.

Could Emily be responsible for Charlotte's kidnapping? The synopsis for "Impetus" says that Emily is not only going to have to take extreme measures against the Grayson's, but also with those that are closest to her. What do you think is going to happen on "Revenge" season 3, episode 21? Catch the episode on ABC on May 4.

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