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'Revenge' 3x21: Spoilers and sneak peek for 'Impetus'

Christa B. Allen plays Charlotte on "Revenge"
Photo by Jason Merritt

"Revenge" season 3, episode 21 is titled "Impetus" and with the events of the last episode, fans have to wonder what is going to happen this Sunday. Does Victoria have an idea that Emily was the Homeland Security agent? How will Pascal's death affect how she deals with Ms. Thorne now? On April 28, WetPaint posted a few spoilers for the upcoming episode and a sneak peek clip was uploaded to YouTube.

As fans remember from the end of "Revolution," Charlotte was kidnapped. In the sneak peek of "Impetus", she is taken to a room, blindfolded. Her abductor takes off her blindfold, but leaves her hands bound and sits her in a chair. Charlotte looks around and finds herself in some sort of surgical room. There is a hospital bed and bright lights everywhere.

The man has a mask over his face and he takes a piece of tape and puts it over her mouth. He tells her to cooperate and she will be fine. Then the sneak peek shows a major clue. The masked man pulls out a newspaper that has Pascal's photo on the front page. It reads,

"Pascal LeMarchal Dead."

It is clear from the sneak peek that the man who took Charlotte is doing so out of some sort of revenge for Pascal's death. But who could it be and how exactly does he want Charlotte to cooperate with him? Is it money he wants or perhaps in exchange for Charlotte's release, he wants Conrad to confess? The man puts the newspaper against Charlotte's body, positioning it just right. Charlotte notices a large television screen in front of her. He is going to send a video of Charlotte with the newspaper to her loved ones.

At the end of the clip, he exits the room and closes the door behind him. The sign on the door says not to enter while the red light is flashing. That makes it almost seem like it's some sort of recording studio rather than a surgical room like it was set up to look like.

Another video on YouTube of "Revenge" season 3, episode 21 consists of a narrator along with a few clips of the characters saying memorable quotes about their power. At one point, the announcer says that the Grayson's rule the Hamptons with an iron fist and Conrad is seen screaming that he can take someone down anytime he wants. Then the announcer says that their empire is about to crumble.

Fans can also expect to see Daniel and Aiden fighting and Victoria blaming Conrad for Charlotte's kidnapping. In fact, she tells him that if Charlotte dies that it will be his fault. Also, a promo shows Emily telling someone that she isn't finished yet.

What do you think is going to happen on "Revenge" season 3, episode 21? Fans will have to watch the "Impetus" episode on May 4 to find out.

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