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‘Revenge’ 3x21 Recap - Graysons stop at nothing to get Charlotte back

In the last episode, Pascal and Victoria get engaged, but things go south quickly as Emily makes a move on Pascal.

‘Revenge’ 3x21 Recap - Graysons stop at nothing to get Charlotte back-slide0
In this week’s episode, titled “Impetus”, Victoria and Conrad fight at each other as they learn of Charlotte’s kidnapping.

In this week’s episode, titled “Impetus”, Victoria and Conrad fight at each other as they learn of Charlotte’s kidnapping.

Right of the bat we see who took Charlotte. It was Emily and Aiden who are going to use her as a leverage against the Graysons.

Daniel/Victoria talk about Pascal’s death. Victoria is convinced that Emily was working with Conrad to kill him. Daniel says he will look into it for her.

Javier and Jack notice that Charlotte hasn’t been seen in a while.

Conrad gets the ransom for Charlotte. He has to admit to what he did. Nolan is upset about the kidnapping but Emily says that Charlotte is her last resort. After some convincing, he gets on board. They hijack his call to one of his henchmen and learn that he wants to meet with him in an hour.

When he goes to the meeting, there is a box waiting for him with a video of Charlotte getting hit and her ear. It’s obvious that it’s not her ear because there is no way that Emily would hurt Charlotte. Sure enough is unharmed and Nolan was using Javier’s MYCLONE app.

Conrad and Victoria talk about what they need to do. They agree to give into the demands. Conrad shows his love for Charlotte as he refuses to let her die because of him.

Margeaux and Daniel work together to get to the bottom of what happened and she shows him footage of the night but she doesn’t recognize Emily, but Daniel does.

Victoria goes on a plan of her own and it involves Jack. She takes a piece of Carl’s DNA for some reason (perhaps to test that his mother is really not Amanda Clarke). Sure enough, she has one of her lackies go into the city to test the DNA on Charlotte and Carl (to compare lineage).

While Charlotte is taken, Emily tries to get her to see the crimes that her parents did. She shows her a montage of video footage and gets her to open her eyes to how evil Conrad and Victoria are. Things get complicated when Jack finds out. Jack and Aiden want to slow down with Charlotte but Emily wants to surge forward but she compromises in getting something to help Charlotte.

While out, she runs into the detective working Pascal’s case and he essentially forces her to go to the station for questioning. He obviously seen the footage and linked her appearance to the roof. Aiden called in for help. Before he goes, he has a heart to heart with Jack. He says he’s going to step back for him to be with Emily but in order for the Amanda in her to come back to him, the plan needs to succeed.

It looks like Aiden has finally come to peace with his relationship with Emily. He knows that while she probably does she love him, it’s jack that her heart really wants. He’s her first love.

At the station, Emily’s cleared by the Hosko thinks that there is something inside of her that’s evil and it’s obvious that he’s going to be keeping an eye on her. Things won’t bode well for him if he does.

Jack makes a perhaps stupid move as he decides to let Charlotte go once everyone else is gone. Charlotte returns to Conrad and confronts him. He snaps back threatening her but what he didn’t expect was that the whole conversation was feeding live to the news station.

Conrad doesn’t think that Charlotte set the bug but he thinks that Victoria did.

As the show comes to an end, Jack sees that Aiden may have lied to him about his relationship with Emily; Victoria gets the results from the test (probably finding out that Amanda is not really Amanda Clark); Charlotte holds Victoria responsible as well; the ring Jack found was her father’s but they have no idea who had it and why; Emily admits to Conrad that she put him there and he gives his blessing to go after Victoria.

It seems for now that she has taken half of the couple down that put her father in jail and looks like is going to be setting her sights on Victoria. This mystery person with the ring is intriguing. Did they steal the ring or did David give them the ring for some reason? A far stretch - perhaps this guy is David’s son? Wouldn’t that be a twist!

In the next episode, we get the season finale as someone finds their life in danger and Victoria closes in on the truth about Emily. With the tagline ‘Goodbye Emily Thorne’ makes you wonder what’s going to happen when Victoria finds out.

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