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'Revenge' 3x20 theory: Will Pascal die in 'Revolution'?

Olivier Martinez plays Pascal in "Revenge"
Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

"Revenge" didn't air last Sunday due to Easter, so fans have to wait another week before finding out what is going to happen next. A few spoilers and sneak peek clips have been released, which is causing many viewers to speculate on what will happen in "Revenge" season 3, episode 20. The episode is titled "Revolution" and one theory is that Pascal could die, according to an April 20 report by Latin Times.

It was revealed some time ago that there would be a death on the season finale of "Revenge," but it was teased a few days ago that another character would bite the dust on an episode before then. The sneak peek of the next episode shows a few shots of things that could make a death on "Revolution" likely.

On the next episode, Pascal is going to propose marriage to Victoria, but then he is kidnapped. He is taken to a room where he faces Emily, who tells him that she wants the Grayson's. It doesn't show anything else about the kidnapping, but promotional photographs show Victoria looking quiet sad. Her shoulders are slumped down and Emily is standing behind her, looking pleased with herself. If the theory that Pascal will die turns out to be accurate, is that why Victoria looks so devastated?

In one preview, Victoria is talking to someone and tells them that she was just being used. It seems from this statement that she could be talking about Pascal. If he doesn't die in "Revolution," then perhaps he will break her heart or Emily will do something to make it seem like he betrayed Queen V?

Pascal dying is a possibility on "Revenge" season 3, episode 20, but the end of a sneak peek reveals that a scream is heard, with Emily looking shocked. The scream belongs to a woman and it sounds a lot like Victoria. Either she is screaming because she is about to die or perhaps she finds Pascal's body?

WetPaint posted the official synopsis for the episode and it states that Emily will target Pascal and it will lead to a shocking outcome. Emily is going to also assume a new identity and a new character named Brandon will be introduced. He is described to be one of Victoria's henchmen who is dangerous and charming.

What do you think of the theory that Pascal will die in "Revenge" season 3, episode 20? Do you think the speculation is accurate or do you believe someone else will lose their life in this episode? To find out for sure, fans are going to have to watch the "Revolution" episode, which will air on ABC on April 27.

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