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'Revenge' 3x20 sneak peek: Emily Thorne wants answers

Fans of "Revenge" know that Emily Thorne will do all that she can to find out what she needs to know. On the next episode, she will take her next step, and it is Pascal that will pay the price. On April 24, Spoiler TV shared a new sneak peek for the episode, "Revenge" episode 3x20 titled "Revolution." The clip features Emily Vancamp, Olivier Martinez, and Barry Sloane.

Emily will make her next move to take down Victoria Grayson.
The Revenge ABC Facebook

What happens during this short clip? Aiden will kidnap Pascal, and he brings the man to Emily. She uses a fake identity to pretend she is from Homeland Security, and she questions Pascal. She wants the truth behind the events of the plane. Pascal did play a major role in the events surrounding her father's framing. She wants to know everything. The clip ends before he reveals anything though. Previews for the episode do tease a possible death for Pascal, but fans will need to tune in to find out if that happens or not.

TV Line did share new spoilers for the remaining episodes of this season, and the battle between Victoria and Emily will see a new focus. Jack, Nolan, and Emily will also through a major change in their partnership as well. Everyone involved will do things to make sure they get their voice heard and their point across. Photos for the episode do tease some tense moments between Victoria and Emily.

Fans should expect some big things during the final three episodes of season three. Season four will start a new journey, and fans will Jack's mother reason next season as well. The finale of the third season will see Daniel in danger, Emily and Victoria doing things that will 'blow' fan's minds, and Aiden trying to get revenge for both him and Emily. It has already been teased that the finale will take the series down a new path next season, so it is one to watch. "Revenge" will continue to air on ABC on Sunday nights.

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