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‘Revenge’ 3x20 Recap - Emily makes her move on Pascal

In the last episode, the red sharpie returns as Emily and Aiden look for Oscar but things get complicated as Victoria and Pascal make a move.

‘Revenge’ 3x20 Recap - -slide0
In this week’s episode, titled “Revolution”, Pascal and Victoria get engaged, but things go south quickly as Emily makes a move on Pascal.

In this week’s episode, titled “Revolution”, Pascal and Victoria get engaged, but things go south quickly as Emily makes a move on Pascal.

Conrad gives Aiden an ultimatum. He has to take down Pascal or he will tell Pascal about him being there (which obviously means Pascal will go after him).

Victoria gets engaged to Pascal. Conrad tries to warn her against it (by telling her about Oscar) but she doesn’t want to hear any of it.

Emily begins plotting her take down on Conrad but first she needs to put Pascal on ice so he doesn’t mess up their plans. Aiden/Emily take Pascal and she convinces him that she is homeland security and wants to know his secrets. But he doesn’t talk and there is nothing on his cell phone that they can use against Conrad. So they settle on a compromise. He will get Conrad’s confession and she will leave him, Victoria, and Mareaux alone.

Of course, Pascal is not one to lie down and not fight back. When he gets back to the house, he ‘leaves’ his jacket with Emily’s fake number so that Victoria thinks that he’s going behind her back. Victoria goes to Daniel for help and he goes to Conrad to help him get Pascal out of the country -- looks like Emily is back to controlling the Graysons like her little puppets.

Daniel goes to Margeaux to get her to get control of the magazine and the rest of the company before Pascal leaves. She goes to talk to Pascal and about her nervousness that he will back out on his word to make her in control of his company. He agrees to a contract.

Charlotte gets a haunting letter from a mysterious person who she thinks is David Clarke. The letter has the same handwriting and talks about how he’s proud that she’s a Clarke. Victoria is less then helpful so Charlotte goes to Jack for help who says he will.

Jack goes to Nolan to track the letter and they find out that it comes from a Kurt Renner in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. When they get there, no one is there, but Jack finds a ring with David Clarke’s initials on it and takes it with him. Turns out, the man (whether it’s Kurt or not) is there and had been watching them.

At the event of the launch of Javier’s app, it goes south as Nolan proves his point to the world that the app wasn’t read. Daniel fires Javier and says they will fix it. Daniel tells Margeaux that he believes that Nolan sabotaged them and that he will use that against him

Trying to get the answers so he can get his freedom, he confronts Conrad but he makes a very bold move and kills Pascal by get this, pushing him into a helicopter propeller. Conrad gets away with it.

By the end of the show, Victoria learns that the number was a fake to get Pascal to come out of hiding and she suspects that Daniel is the one that told Conrad about it. Emily and Aiden work together on a plan to take down Conrad and Charlotte finds herself in trouble as she gets kidnapped.

In the next episode, Victoria and Conrad fight at each other as they learn of Charlotte’s kidnapping.

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