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'Revenge' 3x20: First promo for 'Revolution' released

The next episode of "Revenge" is titled "Revolution" and the first sneak peek for season 3, episode 20 has been released. On April 13, WetPaint posted the clip and it looks like things are going to get intense. Viewers might be shocked to find out that Victoria could find out what Emily is up to and someone is kidnapped by gunpoint.

Madeleine Stowe plays Victoria on "Revenge"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The clip for "Revenge" season 3, episode 20 shows Pascal asking Victoria to marry him and she is delighted. However, Emily is determined to get him to work for her and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. A later scene shows Victoria talking to someone and she says that someone was just using her. Could that person be Pascal?

Towards the end of the clip Emily is seen peering over a ledge, it almost looks like she might be on a rooftop of a building and a loud scream is heard. The identity of the person screaming isn't shown, but it sounds like it could be Victoria. Will the "Revolution" episode show the end of Queen V or is it someone else who is screaming?

Fashion & Style wrote that someone is going to be kidnapped by gunpoint and the victim looks like Pascal. There is a scene in the sneak peek that has him asking Emily what she wants. To this, she walks up to him and replies,

"The Grayson's."

There is also going to be a new character on the upcoming episode. E! Online reported that viewers will meet Brandon, one of Victoria's henchmen. He is described as being terrifying, manipulative, creepy and dangerous. However, he is handsome and charming, which allows him to fit in.

A preview of the next episode of "Revenge" aired immediately following last night's airing of the show and it revealed that Victoria will find out that Emily is getting revenge for David Clarke. Does this mean that she knows Emily's real identity?

"Revenge" season 3, episode 20 will not air next week because of Easter, but will instead be shown on April 27. What do you think will happen on the "Revolution" episode? Will Victoria figure out that Emily is really Amanda Clarke? Who was screaming in the promo?

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