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'Revenge' 3x20: A new identity and a shocking outcome

Madeleine Stowe plays Victoria on "Revenge"
Madeleine Stowe plays Victoria on "Revenge"
IMDbTV/YouTube (screen capture)

A new episode of "Revenge" will not be airing this Sunday due to Easter, but will resume the following week. When the show returns, things are going to get interesting and perhaps a bit violent. On April 14, WetPaint posted a few spoilers for "Revenge" season 3, episode 20 and it sounds like the excitement factor of the show is going to pick up.

"Revenge" season 3, episode 20 is titled "Revolution" and although Emily and the Grayson's have had their battles, the stakes are raised now that Victoria knows that Emily is getting revenge for David. It was teased last week that Victoria would be setting up a trap that Emily would not be able to resist and she was right. So now that Queen V has figured this out, what will Emily do next?

A new identity

The upcoming episode is going to force Emily to change identities once again. It will be interesting to see how she will change her identity when everyone in the Hamptons knows her face. However she decides to do this, will she be able to pull it off and continue getting revenge or is the game over? Emily is determined and doesn't give up, so she could either get the advantage again or she could come crashing down.

Someone gets kidnapped

In this episode, Victoria will agree to marry Pascal, but she might not get the happy ending she was hoping for. He is kidnapped and when he demands to know what she wants, Emily tells him the truth: she wants the Grayson's. Fans already know that Emily Thorne does not take no for an answer, but does Pascal understand this?

Victoria defeated?

There are eight promotional photos on ABC's website, but it is the last one that is the most interesting. In the photo, Victoria looks devastated, broken and defeated. Her arms are hanging down at her sides, her shoulders are slightly hunched over and she looks like she is about to break down and cry. Emily is standing a few feet behind her, but it's unclear if Emily said something to Victoria or if she even knows that she is nearby. Emily isn't smiling, but does look content. Does this have anything to do with Pascal's kidnapping?

WetPaint posted a sneak peek of "Revenge" and Victoria is deep in thought, sitting across from a man whose face cannot be seen. She quietly tells him that she was just being used. Could Emily have convinced Pascal to break things off with Victoria? Perhaps he has to do something that makes Queen V question his loyalty?

Is someone in danger?

The clip also shows Emily going up a flight up stairs and Victoria is also in the same building. Looking closely 14 seconds into the video, it appears as if a man is behind her with a gun. However, a few seconds later she is seen continuing to run, but there doesn't seem to be anyone behind her. This is either just the editing or there is an important piece missing. Then Emily has a look of shock on her face and a blood-curdling scream can be heard. It doesn't show who is screaming, but it sounds like Victoria.

If Victoria ends up hurt or killed, then why does Emily look so shocked? Perhaps murder wasn't part of the plan or is there someone else trying to get revenge? It was teased a few weeks ago that a new character named Brandon would be introduced in this episode. He is one of Victoria's henchmen and is described as dangerous and creepy, but he is also good-looking and charming, making it easy for him to fit in. Could this be the man with the gun? Fans will have to tune in to ABC on April 27 to find out.

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