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'Revenge' 3x19: What is going to happen on 'Allegiance'?

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

There are only four more weeks until the season finale of "Revenge," with the next episode airing tomorrow night. The title of season 3, episode 19 is "Allegiance" and some spoilers, the episode synopsis along with a sneak peek reveal some things that are going to happen. On April 10, WetPaint posted some information on what fans can expect.

The synopsis reveals that Emily is going to finally find out the identity of a major conspirator against her father, but at the same time, Victoria Grayson is going to set up a trap that Emily won't be able to resist. It also mentions that Emily will try to take someone down, but it could be her last attempt to get revenge. A sneak peek clip shows Pascal trying to sweet talk Emily, but she doesn't fall for it. As fans know, Emily Thorne is highly intelligent and isn't fooled very easily.

As for who could be a key conspirator against David Clarke, there are just too many possibilities. While the Grayson's are an enemy, a successful show must have the element of surprise. The person could be someone Emily never would have considered or perhaps it is one of the newer characters.

As for Victoria's trap, fans are wondering what she will set up that Emily won't be able to resist. There are a few things that she would do anything for: doing whatever she can to protect the few people that she trusts, finding out anything about her father's ordeal and obtaining any information about the Grayson's that will help her get revenge.

There will also be a new character on the upcoming episode. TV Line reported that Tim DeKay will be on "Revenge" to play the role of Luke Gilliam, a mysterious entrepreneur who shares a "dark mystery from the past" with Victoria. ABC posted sneak peek photos for "Allegiance" that show Victoria talking to Luke and Emily is eavesdropping nearby. Another photograph shows Emily walking up to Luke with a smile on her face once Victoria walks away. Whatever Victoria and Luke were talking about, Emily felt she needed to approach him afterward, perhaps to come to an agreement?

What are your theories for "Revenge" season 3, episode 19? Will Emily fall for Victoria's trap and if so, how much damage will it cause? What is the deal with Luke Gilliam and why was his conversation with Victoria so interesting to Victoria? Tune in to ABC on April 13 to find out what will happen on the "Allegiance" episode.

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