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‘Revenge’ 3x19 Recap - an old face creates havoc for the Graysons

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In the last episode, Victoria visits Mason Treadwell in jail and tries to get the secrets about Emily and Emily is afraid that he will talk.

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In this week’s episode, titled “Allegiance”, the red sharpie returns as Emily and Aiden look for Oscar but things get complicated as Victoria and Pascal make a move.

Charlotte continues to try and get Javier away from Nolan by using her brother as an investor in his program.

Daniel brings Margaux the app that Javier created and convinces her that this app could be what they need to get her father’s attention. They do anything and everything they can to get Javier. And they succeed. Nolan warns him that this is going to blow up in his face. Nolan declares war on Daniel.

Victoria runs into an old face, Luke Gilliam (Tim DeKay TV’s White Collar) who was supposed to be the one that the Graysons pinned it on before he found out and they moved on to David Clarke. Obviously he’s going to have a lot of valuable information, information that Emily is going to want/need.

Surprisingly, Emily calls on Jack to help with Luke. They are able to distract him while Emily takes a vile of his ‘water’ from his bag, which they find out is not from his water.

Victoria confides with Daniel that she brought Luke to the Hamptons to test a theory she has about Emily.

At his award ceremony, he does his usually drinking of the water, except its from his real water and he collapses, thus confirming what Victoria thought of Emily and that she is after revenge.

Aiden works on his own mission to try and find out what happened to Oscar Chapman. Nolan finds out that Brenda Evans might know where Chapman is. When they go and talk her they see that Brenda Evans is Oscar Chapman.

Chapman tells Aiden/Nolan that Aiden’s father didn’t kill himself and that Pascal killed him to cover up what he did. Aiden and Nolan convince him to come out of hiding and try to clear Aiden’s father’s name.

Doesn’t last long as Pascal takes him out.

Jack and Margaux relationship continues to strain as Margaux becomes consumed with trying to impress her father enough to take over his empire, while Jack struggles with his mother’s relapse.

Conrad gets Victoria to see that Pascal may not be who she thinks he is. Pascal tells Victoria that he was just an investor and that a reporter was trying to expose Conrad along with Victoria. He said he took out the reporter to protect her.

Pascal goes to see Conrad and shows him his cards (he has recordings of all their conversations including the ones where Conrad talks about David Clarke and the bomb).

In the next episode which will be aired April 27th, Pascal and Victoria get engaged, but things go south quickly as Emily makes a move on Pascal.

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