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‘Revenge’ 3x18 Recap - Mason Treadwill returns while Aiden’s past is revealed

In the last episode, Emily might be getting a taste of her own medicine as Daniel and Victoria work together to try and seek some revenge of their own on Emily and her friends.

‘Revenge’ 3x18 Recap - Mason Treadmill returns while Aiden’s past is revealed-slide0
In this week’s episode, titled “Blood”, Victoria visits Mason Treadwell in jail and tries to get the secrets about Emily and Emily is afraid that he will talk.

In this week’s episode, titled “Blood”, Victoria visits Mason Treadwell in jail and tries to get the secrets about Emily and Emily is afraid that he will talk.

We see a glimpse into Aiden’s past as we see young Aiden find his father with a gun shot wound to his head. Aiden wants answers and Emily offers her help. They go to the one person that might have answers for them, Aiden’s mother.

Emily gets his mother to open up to her and she learns that Aiden’s mother doesn’t know that Colleen is dead and she tells Emily that Aiden is the one that found his father dead. Aiden and Emily talk about his mother and that’s when he finds a message from his father, OSCAR CHAPMAN. By the end of the visit, Aiden tells his mother the truth with Colleen and his why his father did what he did.

Victoria and Pascal have been getting closer, which makes Conrad happy because he has leverage over Pascal because he helped them get back together.

Charlotte is angry with Daniel for what he’s doing with Jack, but Daniel won’t stop at nothing to try and take down Jack as he tries and turns Charlotte against him. Daniel continues to try and pull Jack and Margeaux apart and it’s working. Daniel tries a different tactic as he tries and gets to Margeaux by making Pascal feel guilty.

By the end of the episode, Daniel’s chess moves prove successful. Charlotte pulls away from Jack as she learns that he’s been helping Emily from and Pascal opens up with Margeaux about why he’s so tough on her.

The relationship between Margeaux and Pascal continue to butt heads as her brother, Gideon, is asked to look into something for the magazine without asking her to do it instead.

Victoria goes to see Mason Treadwell in prison hoping to get some answers about Emily. Of course Mason is not one to just give up information for free. He only says he will talk to her about Emily when she gets him out of jail. He threatens Emily for her to get him out as well or he will talk to Victoria. She tries to get him out through Conrad but Conrad won’t help because he is on Emily’s side because she’s trying to take down Victoria.

Stevie goes to see Mason for Emily with an offer of getting him out in a few months and money, but Mason declines it, opting to go with Victoria instead. But of course he shouldn’t have brushed Emily off so quickly as he finds himself poisoned. While his death was just a ploy to break him out of prison and renew his allegiance to Emily, he does tell them something important about Oscar Chapman and that he had faked his own death.

When Stevie finds out about Mason, she falls off the wagon and Jack suggests she goes back to LA. While talking, Stevie makes him see that maybe he still loves Emily.

In the next episode, the red sharpie returns as Emily and Aiden look for Oscar but things get complicated as Victoria and Pacal make a move.

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