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'Revenge' 3x18 'Blood': Checking back in with Mason

Aiden: "Thinking about the past doesn't make for restful sleep."
Aiden: "Thinking about the past doesn't make for restful sleep."
Richard Cartwright/ABC

Emily: “As children, we flinch at the sight of blood, not yet realizing it means family, loyalty and is the essence of life. And for all its virtue, there is the unavoidable reality that blood is often the child of pain, and the violent reminder that anything can be taken away in the blink of an eye.”

Mason: "What a surprise, albeit an honor to receive a visit from the queen herself."
Richard Cartwright/ABC

“Blood” is tonight’s episode of “Revenge.” If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode, then beware of spoilers. To review what happened last time, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Revenge” airs Sunday nights at 9 on ABC (KTRK).

There are a couple people that you just want to slap during this episode. Daniel is one of them. His new goal in life seems to be to split Margaux and Jack up. Still despite the many moments where he is a smug jerk, the writers do a good job of highlighting his relationship with Margaux. There are some nice moments in there. He speaks up for her to Pascal, and he comforts her when she needs it. Surprisingly, it is not difficult to enjoy Daniel and Margaux’s moments together. The next person you want to slap is Charlotte. She starts making moves against people when she has no idea what is going on. The writers are trying to make Charlotte have a purpose, but right now, her purpose is to cause annoyance. She is acting rashly without knowing anything. Personally, I want her to learn that Daniel shot Emily. What are your thoughts on Daniel and Charlotte?

There is a lot happening with Pascal. Parts of it are difficult to follow, mainly because it deals with Conrad and Pascal’s deal or lack of one. As soon as they teamed up, it was unclear as to why. Conrad liked something that Pascal was doing, business wise. This episode, their deal falls apart, and Conrad goes to steal Pascal’s newest deal. The importance of this storyline is not obvious. While there is the mystery of how Pascal fits into the David Clarke frame up, it does not mean that we need to spend a lot of the episode watching him do business. Not only is it confusing, but it isn’t entertaining. What is nice, however, is the father/daughter moment. Ever since he arrived, it has been clear that he doesn’t have a good relationship with Margaux, so it is nice to see them have a moment of understanding. What did you think of Pascal during this episode?

Here are some thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. Emily goes with Aiden to visit his mother in hopes of learning some clues. Unfortunately, she knows nothing, but this storyline is a great one for Aiden. He is not the easiest person to understand, and sometimes that keeps viewers from connecting with him. This episode works on changing that. It is fantastic to glimpse into what Aiden went through back when Colleen was kidnapped and his father killed himself. Mason Treadwell is back, and he is as fantastic as ever. Victoria suspects that Emily might be interested in the David Clarke scandal, and so she goes to the expert. Having Mason back in the loop makes things a little more exciting, especially since he knows that Emily is Amanda Clarke. Plus, having him in the episode makes me think of earlier “Revenge,” when it was absolutely fantastic. His death fake out was fantastic because it would not be too out of the question for Emily to kill him, but the fact that it was all a rouse is even better. What did you think of the episode?

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