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‘Revenge’ 3x17 Recap - Daniel begins his plan for getting revenge

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In the last episode, Conrad makes his move with Margeaux’s father, Jack reconnects with his mother, and Emily and Daniel continue their battle of wills.

In this week’s episode, titled “Addiction”, Emily might be getting a taste of her own medicine as Daniel and Victoria work together to try and seek some revenge of their own on Emily and her friends.

Pascal continues to try and win Victoria’s affections. Conrad is helping Pascal to try and get Victoria to like him.

Victoria asks her groups of friends (including guest star Morgan Fairchild) to try and keep an eye on Emily and why she is staying in the Hamptons.

Daniel joins forces with Charlotte to try and get back at Emily by trying to get at her friends, but Daniel agrees to keep Jack out of it (at least for now. Seeing the way the Graysons work, he might keep him out until he sees that going after Aiden and Nolan won’t be enough. To really hurt Emily would be to go after Jack).

Daniel learns about Emily’s next move and him and Victoria work together to try and figure out what she’s doing.

Margeaux drops a bomb shell on Jack as she tells him that she was offered editor in chief at a successful magazine in Rome. Jack tells her to take the job.

When Margeaux tells Daniel about pulling out for revenge, Daniel gets upset. He brings up Emily’s and Jack’s history to get Margeaux thinking that Jack has an ulterior motive for him supporting her to move to Rome. Her suspicions get confirmed to her when she sees Jack consoling Emily for her losing Aiden and misconstrues the intention.

Margeaux takes a step back and joins forces with Daniel to get back at their fathers. She is able to get Voulex from her father and Conrad out of the magazine.

Emily goes to see Aiden and he is less then welcoming seeing her. He tells her that they are on their own now and she has to figure out what she wants/needs to do on her own.

Nolan’s friend from jail, Javier, may prove to be useful to Nolan and Emily.

Conrad and Stevie have a heart to heart and talk about their divorce and what went wrong. You can tell that Conrad was upset that Stevie had an affair on him and mothered a child by Carl. They seem to reconcile but it’s clear that Conrad went to her with an alliterative motive.

Emily organizes a charity event that will bring all the characters together for a gambling night. She wants Pascal to open up to her so that she can get his connection to the plane crash. Of course, Daniel and Victoria crash it to try and get some answers themselves.

By the end of the night, things start get rocky with Margeaux and Jack as they don’t like the friends each other have. Stevie almost falls off the wagon, but is able to remain in control. Victoria and Pascal reunite after we learn that they are working together to take down Emily and Aiden returns and is able to tell Nolan and Emily who TWM is. It’s his father.

In the next episode, Victoria visits Mason Treadwell in jail and tries to get the secrets about Emily and Emily is afraid that he will talk.

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