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'Revenge' 3x17 'Addiction': Betting against Victoria

Victoria: "Oh Conrad, all the morning newspapers you flip through, and you always skip page 6."
Victoria: "Oh Conrad, all the morning newspapers you flip through, and you always skip page 6."
Danny Feld/ABC

Emily: “Addiction, an impulse that once indulged is impossible to pacify, even when starved the hunger survives.”

Victoria: "I’m hunting her."
Danny Feld/ABC

“Addiction” is tonight’s episode of “Revenge.” If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode, then beware of spoilers. To review what happened last time, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Revenge” airs Sunday nights at 9 on ABC (KTRK).

Emily is having a hard time getting close to Pascal. This seems like the first time in a while, if not ever, that Emily hasn’t been able to charm answers out of someone. It is great to see her presented with a challenge. What’s even better is that Pascal is actually helping out Victoria. She is using him to figure out what Emily is up to. Of course, this would not be an actual grudge match unless Emily figured out Victoria’s involved. It might have been nice to see Emily be oblivious to this for a little bit longer. At least at the end she is not positive of anything. She has suspicions about Victoria, but she knows that Pascal was videotaping her, which helps her to put two and two together. It will be interesting to see how Emily gets around this issue. Did you like to see Emily try to work for Pascal’s attention a bit more than usual?

Daniel decides that it is time that he and Charlotte take down Emily’s friends. It is great to see Daniel attempt to be proactive and actually do something, but he doesn’t actually start trying to take down any of Emily’s friends. Instead, he focuses on keeping Margaux at Voulez by trying to get her to think that Jack wants her to take the job in Rome so that he can be with Emily. It’s not ridiculous that Daniel would try this to get what he wants, which is Margaux staying here so he can get his old job back. What is ridiculous is that Margaux believes it. It just further serves as a reminder that she is not all that interesting and that she should leave. Are you a fan of Margaux’s?

There is a lot of relationship talk in this episode. Jack and Emily manage to have an open conversation about their love lives. It is great seeing them be this honest with each other, and it is a new way to see the two of them as friends. Each of them gives the other advice on what to do and is a sympathetic ear. Emily goes to see Aiden in Bermuda for help. It is fantastic to see him say that he will not keep running to her aid. He is earning respect from viewers, or well at least from me. In the end, he does come back, but that is only because his father is somehow involved. Conrad and Stevie have an intimate conversation, which is strange. Seeing Conrad that vulnerable is a fantastic character moment. He is hurt because he learns that Stevie cheated on him and had a son, Jack. Other than that, the Conrad and Stevie time is a bit boring. Even her conversation with Jack is not all that interesting. It is hard to figure out what to think about her. What are your thoughts on all of this?

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