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‘Revenge’ 3x16 Recap - Stevie throws Emily a curveball into her plan

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In the last episode, Emily gets bombarded by the Grayson family going after her, which include Daniel demanding a divorce, Victoria kicking her out, and Stevie wanting to know her secrets.

In this week’s episode, titled “Disgrace”, Conrad makes his move with Margeaux’s father, Jack reconnects with his mother, and Emily and Daniel continue their battle of wills

Emily and Nolan look into Stevie’s past and her visit with David. Nolan wants to bring in Jack, but Emily doesn’t want him involved. She becomes torn when Jack asks her to back off from Stevie.

Of course, Emily is not one to back off, so she tries finding out information behind the scenes by questioning Conrad about her.

Stevie tells Jack about how she visited David in jail because she thought he was innocent before she finds a picture of Emily and Amanda at Amanda’s wedding knowing that something is off about it.

Stevie confronts Emily about her relationship with Amanda and Jack. She admits that she wanted to clear David’s name and knows what it’s like to be taken down by the Graysons. She offers to help Emily but Emily says no.

Stevie takes it upon herself to involve Jack anyways by mentioning some evidence that she received that could have helped David but was taken from her when she got disbarred. Jack and Nolan try to go and steal it.

When Jack brings Emily the evidence, they fight over his involvement. Once again she tells him to stay out of it. She then yells at Nolan for helping Jack.

By the end of the show though, Jack is able convince Emily to let him help but when she lets him in, he quickly sees that it’s not going to be easy helping take down the Graysons and all those who helped.

Conrad is working his charm with Margeaux’s father, Pascal (Oliver Martinez, Unfaithful) who we quickly learn is there to get to the bottom of why Conrad is interested in the magazine. After their tennis match, they talk business but it doesn’t go the way that Conrad thought it would.

To get back at Pascal, he shows Margeaux that her father is covering up the loses for the magazine, it causes Margeaux and Pascal to fight.

Daniel confronts Emily with the picture of her and Aiden and offers her sum of money as settlement in divorce. Emily accepts it and says that she will get more in court if he brings it there.

Victoria asks the PI Daniel hired to do some further digging on Emily. She knows that Emily is looking for revenge on the Graysons and thinks that it has something to do with the flight-198. She asks Daniel to cancel the divorce so to keep Emily close, but Daniel doesn’t want her in his life at all.

Daniel seems to get his revenge on Emily by revealing to the world that Emily faked the pregnancy by showing the false hospital records.

In the next episode, Emily might be getting a taste of her own medicine as Daniel and Victoria work together to try and seek some revenge of their own on Emily and her friends.

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