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'Revenge' 3x15 'Struggle': The memory behind the blackouts

Emily: “We spend our lives struggling to hold on to the things we value most, to the people and things we believe we can never exist without, but our memories are often an illusion, protecting the far more destructive truth.”

Victoria: "If I created this beast, don’t you think it’s time I slayed it?"
Danny Feld/ABC
Victoria: "Don’t let your hatred consume you."
Danny Feld/ABC

“Struggle” is tonight’s episode of “Revenge.” If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode, then beware of spoilers. To review what happened last time, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Revenge” airs Sunday nights at 9 on ABC (KTRK).

Nolan goes to Aiden for help in reaching through to Emily. Last week featured Nolan suggesting that Emily has the same mental disease as her mother. In this episode, this seems to be forgotten aside from Emily asking Nolan to not make her see a doctor. This could have had the potential to be a way for the writers to explore Emily’s mother. Sadly, that is not what happens. Instead, Aiden helps Emily to reach her subconscious, causing Emily to remember the memory that made her black out and do everything that she did. Honestly, this memory did not seem all that damaging, but it is not too much of a stretch to think that Emily remembering that her father wanted her and Victoria Grayson to be family shocked her a bit. What did you think of the reason behind Emily’s blackouts?

Nolan and Victoria spend quite a bit of one on one time together. I know, it is shocking, and yet very entertaining. They devise a scheme to get Patrick out of the Hamptons, so hopefully he won’t go all darkside and violent. It is great to know that we won’t be subject to episodes that are mainly about Victoria and Patrick because those are not all that entertaining. The scene where Victoria talks about how she had to convince Patrick that she was going to kill Stevie was fantastic and heartbreaking. Patrick was a good way to bring out that side of Victoria, but I am happy that Patrick is gone. Are you sad to see him go?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. It is actually enjoyable seeing Charlotte and Conrad working together, especially since Charlotte is secretly spying on him. Jack tries to sort out his feelings on Stevie. He has a very touching moment with Emily about parents coming back into life. Jack and Emily have amazing friendship moments, and the writers should definitely continue to highlight them. The Stevie mystery has promise, mainly because it will be great seeing Emily back in takedown mode. It feels like forever since she has had a target. What did you think of the episode?

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