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‘Revenge’ 3x15 Recap - Emily’s blackouts worsen as she seems ultimate revenge

In the last episode, Emily’s blackouts get worse and Nico and Conrad’s first wife seek to get revenge on the ones that hurt them.

 In this week’s episode, titled “Struggle”, Emily puts her plan in overdrive as she tries to take down the Graysons before her mentality disability takes over her.

In this week’s episode, titled “Struggle”, Emily puts her plan in overdrive as she tries to take down the Graysons before her mentality disability takes over her.

Jack is still reeling from the information that Stevie is his real mother. Stevie tries to help and connect with him, which we know is not something that is up Jack’s alley.

Jack asks Emily for advice about whether or not to give Stevie a chance. She says that he should and that she said she wished she did with her mom when she came back.

When Jack goes to talk to Stevie about why she left, she admits it was because she was an alcoholic and needed to get help. Jack gives her a second chance.

It’s nice to see things going good for Jack right now. He’s got a good, steady relationship with Margeaux and he’s reconnecting with his birth mom. He needs family and Stevie can offer him something that he needs since losing Amanda and Declan.

Patrick is still struggling with killing Jimmy and Victoria tries to help him.

At a meeting with artists set up by Nolan, he gets offered an apprenticeship with one of his favorite artists, after which he has an interesting conversation with his mother about Stevie. Patrick makes the choice of falling his dream of being an artist and says good-bye to Victoria.

Patrick is gone for now, but his story is left open so he could find his way back to the show. My guess is when Victoria needs him the most.

Emily’s blackouts are more frequent and problem some so her solution, as would be anyone else’s, is to kill all the Graysons rather then seek revenge.

Nolan learns that while he got the sweet satisfaction of hurting Victoria at first, he realized that it came at a cost from Patrick. Nolan learns that Patrick was born not in favorable conditions and that Patrick thinks he doesn’t deserve love.

He goes to talk to Patrick about what he did. He apologizes before telling Patrick that he’s changed and that he’s now killing a lot of people for Victoria.

Nolan talks with Victoria and we learn that Victoria asked Nolan to help her get Patrick a job with his favorite artist. She acted like she wanted Stevie dead so that he would want to leave.

Nolan goes to check in on Emily and gives her a new box so that she can keep her notes in, which only opens with her touch. She remembers a passage from her father’s notebooks that talked about Stevie going to see David in prison interested in defending him. This of course sparks Emily’s interest as to why Stevie is really there.

Nolan is nervous about Emily and seeks Aiden’s help to try and help Emily. Aiden goes to extreme measures to try and get to Emily. He uses a tactic that Takedo used on them to get them to clear their heads.

While working it, Emily remembers something about her childhood involving her father. She remembers that she had a fight with her father about Victoria and about how she doesn’t trust her but David didn’t believe her. She breaks down in Aiden’s arms. After she calms down, she realizes it was hat memory that was causing the blackouts. She didn’t think that David deserved to be saved. Aiden makes her see that David’s only mistake was falling for the wrong girl. She decides to stay on the path and Aiden wishes her good luck before leaving.

The war between Victoria and Stevie over the house ensues as they are both calling in all the big guns to try and get control of the manor. Victoria tells Patrick about Stevie, noticeably wanting him to do something about it.

Daniel hires a PI to look into where Emily goes off too and her connection to Conrad. By the end of the show, he gets pictures of Aiden and Emily together kissing. Why is Daniel happy that it’s Aiden with Emily? Could he use that for the divorce or as leverage?

Conrad is finding enjoyment out of working at Voulex, but what is it that he wants with Margeaux’s father, who is now on his way to come and see Conrad?

In the next episode, Emily gets bombarded by the Grayson family going after her, which include Daniel demanding a divorce, Victoria kicking her out, and Stevie wanting to know her secrets.

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