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‘Revenge’ 3x14 Recap - Nico and Conrad’s first wife look for payback

In the last episode, Daniel and Emily begin the war against each other, but Emily ends up with the upper hand as she is able to break apart Daniel and Sara. Nico has begun her journey for revenge, but things turn sour when she realizes that it was Aiden that killed her father. Patrick learns the truth of his father and looks like he was looking for revenge.

In this week's episode, Nico and Conrad's first wife look to get payback on the ones who have hurt them.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Payback’, Emily’s blackouts get worse and Nico and Conrad’s first wife seek to get revenge on the ones that hurt them.

Emily tries to get the answers to why she’s been blacking out and is frustrated with what the doctors say. These blackouts are causing more problems with Emily as she does things in her subconscious that disrupts her revenge plan. She had called Conrad’s first wife, Stevie, so that she could divorce Daniel. It looks like when she blacks out, her subconscious tells the truth. Obviously not a good thing for someone who lives in lies.

Emily now has to try and learn with the possibility that she could be like her mother. Could she call on her mother to help her deal with it? Or is she going to try on her own? Based on past experiences, it will probably be option 2.

Patrick lies to Victoria about how he started the fire. He made it seem it was an accident but it looked deliberate. He’s up to something especially since he called on Jimmy to fix up the Gallery. As Patrick meets Jimmy, he learns that Jimmy regrets not knowing another son (whom Patrick thinks is him).

Jimmy is oblivious to the fact that he had once known Victoria, he makes a move on her. She relives what happened to her. There is a shuffle and Patrick hurts him, badly. Victoria prevents Patrick from getting help, telling Jimmy to “Relax, honey”.

Nico takes Aiden hostage, looking to seek her own revenge. She plans on killing Emily when she comes for Aiden so that Aiden can live with the loss that Nico felt when her father was killed. Don’t think it will be to hard since Nico was jealous of Emily’s relationship with Takedo anyways.

Stevie comes in and really shakes up people of the Hamptons. She comes to help Emily divorce Daniel and stays so that she can seek revenge on Victoria and Conrad. On the surface, you think it’s because of how her divorce ended with Conrad, but as the show ends, you realize she wants revenge because she is Jack’s real mother and she wants them to payback for hurting Jack.

In next week’s episode, Emily puts her plan in overdrive as she tries to take down the Graysons before her mentality disability takes over her.

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