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‘Revenge’ 3X14 ‘Payback’ Emily deals with blackouts, Victoria deals with past

‘Revenge’ 3X14 ‘Payback’ Emily deals with blackouts, Victoria deals with her past
‘Revenge’ 3X14 ‘Payback’ Emily deals with blackouts, Victoria deals with her past
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Emily struggled to find out what was causing her blackouts and erratic behavior when “Revenge” aired “Payback” on Sunday, March 9. Victoria also had her hands full as Stevie returned to make a mess of her life in episode 3X14.

Emily seeks medical help to determine the cause of her blackouts. It seems they are not caused by the brain swell she incurred when she was shot and fell overboard. She also learns that while Conrad did escort her to his room at the Southfork, he did not stay with her but rather returned in the morning just before she awoke. Apparently during one of her blackouts, she called Stevie, Conrad’s first wife, seeking help with a divorce from Daniel. She’s in town now and ready to help Emily.

Stevie quickly realizes that Conrad is behind the requested divorce between Emily and Daniel. He wants to make amends with Stevie, says he wants her back and that he wants Victoria to get everything that’s coming to her. When the two women run into each other at a clothing store, the chat that follows cannot be described as pleasant.

During a confused state, Emily tries to seduce Aiden but he’s on his way to London. He never makes his flight because Niko, who found her father’s katana under his bed, has captured him. Rather than kill him, she plans to punish him by killing Emily.

Another ghost from Victoria’s past rears its head when Victoria learns there has been a fire at the art gallery. She rushed over to find Patrick standing in the ruins. The contractor he has called to make repairs turns up while Victoria is talking to Patrick. It’s Jimmy Brennan, Patrick’s father and Victoria’s alleged rapist. Patrick planned this because he wants to kill the man himself. Jimmy argues that Victoria kept the pregnancy a secret and now he wants a chance to get to know Patrick.

Daniel learns his sister wants a job at Voulez, the magazine he was recently fired from at his father’s request. He agrees to throw his sister a wonderful nineteenth birthday party and asks her to spy on their father while she works at the magazine. Emily finds herself at the party but doesn’t know how she got there. She finds out she went with Conrad to Southfork because she told him she was afraid of Daniel. She is sure +Conrad is up to something but doesn’t know what. Margaux has jetted off to Paris to talk to her father.

When Jimmy Brennan shows up at the party, Victoria is shocked. She horrified when he thinks she is somehow interested in him. Emily is surprised when Nolan shows her a video of how she went off the rails with him during one of her spells. She has no recollection of it.

After finding a clue left by Niko, she finds Aiden. It is a trap however and Niko and Emily fight. Just as Emily has the edge, Aiden convinces her not to kill Niko. He then explains to Niko that her father died by the code he lived by, nobly. Niko agrees to leave but Aiden wonders why Emily set him up in the first place. She explains about her blackouts and he warns her to get out before something more serious…and deadly happens.

Victoria returns to the gallery to confront Patrick. Jimmy overhears them and is shocked at the duplicity and that he hadn’t figured it out. He shouts at Victoria but when he puts his hands on Victoria, Patrick sees red. The younger man slams Jimmy’s head against a hard surface and immediately regrets it. He tries to call 911 but his mother stops him and watches as her assailant dies in front of her. When the police are summoned, they believe the contractor died when he fell off the ladder and hit his head. Patrick is distraught over his part in all of it.

Nolan suggests to Emily that she is the same age her own mother was when she began to have a psychotic break and tried to drown Emily. Maybe the condition is genetic.

Meanwhile, Jack and Stevie enjoy a conversation that centers on their mutual distaste for the Graysons. Stevie decides to cancel her flight back to Los Angeles. Stevie takes great pleasure in informing Victoria that Grayson Manor was purchased prior to her divorce from Conrad and according to their settlement, technically belongs to Stevie. She gives Victoria till the end of the week to get out. When she returns to the Stowaway, Stevie asks Jack for more stories about him and the Graysons. Why all the interest? It turns out Stevie is Jack’s mother.

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