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‘Revenge’ 3x13 Recap - The war between Daniel and Emily begins

Last week, Emily made a bold move as she covers up for Daniel and uses that to blackmail him and Victoria into letting her stay married to Daniel. Nolan gets Emily out a spot of trouble as he sets up his own revenge plan against Patrick, who has wronged him once again.

The war begins between Emily and Daniel

To get the full recap of the last show, go here:

In tonight’s episode, titled ‘Hatred’, Emily and Daniel begin a war inside their marriage as Daniel is furious with how Emily is blackmailing him into staying in the marriage and does nothing to hide his relationship with Sara. Emily seeing Sara as a distraction for her revenge plan, tries to get Sara out of Daniel’s life. Meanwhile, Nolan begins a revenge plan of his own against Patrick.

Emily gets to work on trying to get back to where she was before the wedding. Her one confidant in the Graysons that she could count on to give her information on them, Conrad, has turned away from her because of how she threw Lydia to the wolves; Daniel is avoiding her like the plague; and Victoria and her continue their back and forth.

Margeux learns about the magazine switch and she falls into Conrad’s plan, taking Daniel’s shares from Vouleux and giving them to Conrad.

Patrick learns about his father Jimmy, but not the truth about how he was conceived. He opens up to Victoria about how his adoptive father and step-mother didn’t want him so he grew up thinking he was unlovable. Victoria is reluctant to tell him about Jimmy for obvious reasons. She doesn’t want him to know. But that all goes to Hell when she accidentally runs into Jimmy at a bar and all those memories come rushing back and she has a panic attack. She has no choice, but to tell Patrick the truth. Patrick’s obviously not going to just stand by with that knowledge, he’s going to seek revenge against Jimmy. Perhaps we will find him six feet under?

At the end of the show, Patrick is painting angrily and he sets fire to what looks like the art gallery. Could it be he’s not as forgiving of Victoria of the fact she gave him up for the scholarship?

It’s these kinds of shows that it makes it harder to hate Victoria and Patrick. They are tragic villains because yes they backstab people and manipulate people, but they have such dark pasts and painful events that made them make hard decisions in their life.

Nolan creates the biggest faux pas as he accidentally lets it slip to Emily about Nico and Aiden sleeping together at his house. Obviously, Emily is hurt by this news, even though she broke up with Aiden for his benefit.

Nico continues to show how unstable she is. She was peeling pears with the promise of peeling the skin of the man who killed her father. Nolan knows that there is something off about her and it’s just a matter of time before she explodes and her finding Takedo’s sword under Aiden’s bed might just be the straw that broke the camel’s back. She is already upset with Aiden for trying to get her to leave to Russia to go after her father’s killer (but really it’s the man who set up the bomb that killed Declan) and he stayed behind to be watch Emily.

There is some good news for Jack. He grows closer with Margeaux and decides that he wants to move forward with her and get a house together. She hesitated before saying yes, it could mean that she’s not ready or that something bad is going to happen in their future. Which just sucks, because Jack could really use a break.

Daniel and Emily begin their war against one another. Daniel took Emily’s ability to have children and Emily took Sara. This is obviously the beginning. Daniel is not going to just roll over and let this go.

What is most troubling is the blackouts that Emily seems to be suffering from. She has had two of them this show and the 2nd could have resulted in her sleeping with Conrad? That could or could not have happened. It might be that they just got together and worked out a plan because Conrad doesn’t seem to look at Emily in that way. The first one resulted with Emily staring at a picture at Nolan’s. What does she do in these blackouts and why are they happening? Did someone drug her? Maybe Nico or Victoria? Or are they just a bad side effect to the stress she’s under?

The ending has possibilities as the original Mrs. Grayson is seen getting off her private jet looking to meet up with Conrad. What is it that she is looking for and what kind of secrets is she going ot reveal coming back into Conrad and Victoria’s lives?

The show is going to be off until March 9th and is moving to from 9pm to 10pm, but it’s going to come back with a vengeance. Victoria is going to try and find out why Emily is still there; Emily and Conrad look to be conspiring together; Emily looks to have a big show down with Nico (probably to protect Aiden); and Emily promises Nolan that she is going to kill them all (The Graysons would be a good guess). It’s going to be a pretty exciting end of the season as we watch Emily continue her revenge.

What did you think of the show?

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