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‘Revenge’ 3X13 ‘Hatred’ Daniel gets violent with Emily, loses Sara

‘Revenge’ 3X13 ‘Hatred’ Daniel gets violent with Emily, loses Sara
‘Revenge’ 3X13 ‘Hatred’ Daniel gets violent with Emily, loses Sara
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Revenge” is now officially on winter break as of the Jan. 19 airing of episode 13, “Hatred.” The midseason finale episode is aptly named because that’s what came seething out of just about everyone.

After ripping out her stitches in her sleep, Emily asks Niko to cauterize the wounds with a fireplace poker. Now that’s badass. She next discovers Daniel in bad with Sara in a room just down the hall from hers in Grayson Manor. Later that morning, she politely asks Sara to move on but Sara loves Daniel and she’s not going anywhere.

Word leaks out that Sara is staying with him at the manor. Suspecting Emily is behind it, he fires the entire staff in retaliation. He warns her others will pay the price until she gets the hint and leaves.

In a visit from Nolan, Emily learns that Niko and Aiden are “together.” She takes a swim to consider this news and pushes herself which seems to trigger some sort of memory/time lapse. The next thing she is aware of is confronting Nolan about Niko.

Since Emily named Lydia as her shooter, Conrad has lost everything. He moves out to regroup at the Southfork Inn. Margaux discovers that her recently published magazine contains a story about Conrad attributed to her but with words she didn’t write. She also learns Conrad is suing her for libel. Daniel realizes his father set this up to get back at him and used Margaux’s assistant, who has now fled to Europe, to pull it off. In a meeting with Daniel and Margaux, Conrad offers to drop his suit in exchange for Margaux firing Daniel and her letting Conrad buy Daniel’s shares. She agrees.

When Margaux returns to the Stowaway, she finds Jack looking at house listings. They declare their love for one another and it looks as if these two will be together for quite a while.

Daniel tells Sara he was fired but still feels lucky because he has her. They plan a getaway to Italy. Emily watches from the sidelines and makes her next move – bringing Sara’s mother into the situation. Sara’s mom tears into her, reminding her that this is not who she is, she is not a home wrecker. When Sara tells her mother that she loves Daniel, is staying and that mommy should mind her own business, her mother disowns her and leaves. Emily smiles ruefully as Daniel sees just how far Emily is willing to go.

Later, Sara realizes her mother is right and she tells Daniel she wants out of the relationship. Daniel confronts Emily, throws her down on the bed and throttles her a bit before firing off the most hurtful comment ever, “Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe.” He leaves and Emily weeps. She gets woozy and wakes up in bed in the Southfork Inn with Conrad congratulating her on being “magnificent last night.” Color Emily and us confused.

On a tip from Nolan, Patrick discovers that his bio-dad also looked for him as a baby. Jimmy Brennan, his dad, was cited for trespassing when he turned up at the orphanage. He confronts Victoria and she reluctantly agrees to help him find the man. Patrick watches Jimmy play with a young boy and relates his tough foster home upbringing to Victoria, wishing things might have been different.

When Patrick sets things up to meet the guy, Victoria tries to stop him and has a panic attack when she bumps into Jimmy herself. This compels her to tell Patrick about the circumstances of his conception. Victoria considered Jimmy like an older brother until the day he lured her to the basement to rape her. Afterwards, she moved from apartment to apartment because he stalked her. She convinced the orphanage to hide Patrick for his own protection and she fled to Europe. Patrick is stunned by the news. He paints an angry abstract piece and then sets fire to it and his studio.

Niko wants Aiden to help her find her father’s killer and he deftly shifts blame to the man who planted the bomb at Grayson Global last year. He buys her a ticket to go after him and she realizes he loves Emily and won’t be coming with her. While Niko packs, she discovers her father’s katana hidden under a bed. So though she has ticket to go to Moscow, we have to wonder if she will instead set her sights on Aiden.

In the closing moments, a well-dressed woman arrives in the Hamptons and announces herself to be the first Mrs. Grayson. Looks like Conrad’s going to have his hands full.

“Revenge” is set to return from its winter break on Sunday, March 9. Until then, check back often for more news and updates.

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