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‘Revenge’ 3X11 What does Emily remember on ‘Homecoming’?

Charlotte stirs memories in Emily on "Revenge'
Charlotte stirs memories in Emily on "Revenge'
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Episode 3X11 of “Revenge” aired Sunday, Jan.5 on ABC, and the big questions was whether or not Emily really remembered what happened to her or if she was faking the amnesia. By the time “Homecoming” was over, though, the answer to that question changed several times.

In the opening moments, we see Emily swim to the buoy where she removes her dress and garter and tries to activate the homing beacon. She also tries to retrieve the emergency supply box tied to the buoy but is too weak to do so. It is obvious at this point she knows who she is and what is going on or she wouldn’t have known to do those things.

Meanwhile, the Graysons and their guests form the yacht are hauled into the U.S. Coast Guard headquarters where they are individually questioned. Everyone seems to have an alibi except Victoria, just like Emily planned. Nolan and Patrick hear the news about the shooting on the radio, Nolan feigns concern, thinking Emily has pulled off her plot and Patrick leaves to be at his mother’s side.

Jack and Aiden arrive to tell Nolan what really happens and Jack confesses he pushed Emily to this deadline and threatened her with exposure if she didn’t bring the plan to completion on his timetable.

Charlotte thinks Victoria shot Emily and eventually confides this to Daniel. Margot turns over the memory cards to all the photos she took of the wedding to the police. Conrad lies about where Lydia was saying she was with him when in actuality she was in their state room, waiting for him. She knows how that might look and lies about it and Conrad supports her to the police. Victoria lawyers up.

Aiden finds Emily. She has climbed aboard a boat and is still conscious. She begs him to take her away and just to leave but he is worried she will die. He draws attention to her so the boat’s captain will discover her and get her to help, which he does. Emily still remembers at this point.

After Jack, Nolan and Aiden talk again, Jack sets out to find Margot to see what she knows. She shares copies of photos she took around the time of Emily’s shooting. They notice someone other than Victoria missing from the photos. Nolan heads to the hospital, which he half owns, to see Ems. Victoria won’t let him in. As Emily is now a member of the Grayson family, they control who gets in and who doesn’t. Nolan turns to Patrick for help but Patrick tells Nolan he should leave. Victoria pieces together that the two were together the night before and is furious with Patrick.

Cops continue to question the Graysons and it is decided Victoria, who is now a “person of interest” should not be allowed to visit Emily. Daniel, who hasn’t said much, is clearly wracked with guilt and worry. He learns from the doctor that Emily never was pregnant and he asks that the news be kept confidential.

Victoria tells Patrick that Emily has been scheming for years and that Nolan was in on it. When Patrick goes to see Nolan and confront him, Nolan is irritated with him and they end up breaking up. Not to daunted, Nolan hacks the hospital’s computer and reads Emily’s file. She has amnesia in addition to her internal injuries. Aiden believes she is faking.

Daniel finally goes in to visit Emily and she wakes up, acts frightened and doesn’t know what happened or who she is. Charlotte tells Daniel that Sara is okay and survived her suicide attempt. Lydia eggs Victoria on by dumping wine on her favorite chair. Victoria lunges at her and before a fight can break out, Conrad intervenes.

Aiden sneaks into Emily’s room, leans over her and whispers he has a plan to get her out of there. She becomes frightened, buzzes for the nurse and screams. He exits through the window before Charlotte enters the room with the nurse. Now it seems the amnesia is real.

Nolan informs Jack and Aiden that amnesia can be as much a physical problem as a mental or emotional one, a way of protecting one’s mind from the trauma. He said someone needs to make an emotional connection with her to trigger her memories.

Daniel confesses to his mother that he shot Emily. He won’t let her take the blame for it. Victoria goes to see Margot and learns it is Lydia who is missing from the photos. She takes them to Conrad and convinces him to set up Lydia as the shooter in order to protect Daniel.

Charlotte visits Emily and shows her some pictures. They talk and Emily says she remembers her father. When Charlotte asks his name, she says David Clarke. Char heads over to Jack’s and tells him about the strange conversation. He is worried Emily will reveal who she really is by mistake and asks Charlotte to get him in to see her.

Conrad visits Lydia in her hotel room. He tells her he has to change his story with the police and it will implicate her. He offers to stand by her side, knowing full well she will flee and she does.

A nurse asks Emily about the tattoo on her arm but Emily doesn’t remember the significance of the double infinity emblem. Char and Jack arrive so the nurse leaves the room. Aiden confronts the nurse in the parking garage and she is someone from his past, there to help Emily by staying close and making sure the Graysons don’t kill her.

Conrad confronts Daniel and blames him for ruining his life. Daniel didn’t ask for his help and Conrad is furious. He tells Daniel after this, he is on his own and not to look for anymore help from Conrad. Patrick returns to Victoria. She is still angry with him and tries to push him away but he refuses to be dismissed. He tells her about the box Nolan has hidden behind a painting that bears an unusual infinity mark. Victoria shows him a picture of Emily where the tattoo is visible and he identifies it as being the same.

Jack visits Emily and they have along heartfelt talk. He does most of the talking about how they knew each other and how he’d been angry with her, blaming her for his wife’s death. He gives her Amanda’s necklace and kisses her on the forehead. She suddenly remembers holding Amanda as she died and then swimming to the buoy after she was shot. She looks up at Jack and says “Daniel.” He says no, he is Jack. She says no, Daniel...he’s the one who shot her.

That is the end of the show and it would seem Emily has regained her memories, thanks to Jack. How much isn’t clear but at least she knows about Daniel.

“Revenge” returns next week with 3X12 “Endurance” on Jan. 12. Until then, check back here often for news, updates and spoilers.

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