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‘Revenge’ 3x11 “Homecoming” Recap

A recap of the last show:

The Graysons close ranks to safeguard one another in the wake of Daniel and Emily’s wedding.

Summary: The Graysons close ranks to safeguard one another in the wake of Daniel and Emily’s wedding.

The last show certainly gave us a lot to think about over the last few weeks. We have made full circle from the first episode and discovered that it was Daniel who shot Emily because he found out that she faked her pregnancy/wedding to get back at Victoria. But there’s a twist. She doesn’t remember any of it.

The investigation starts with who shot Emily. The Graysons know about the truth of the shooting and Aiden/Jack think that it’s Lydia.

It’s going to be interesting to see Nolan try and keep Emily safe from the Graysons so they don’t try and finish Emily or try and find out that she is really Amanda Clark.

Things are certainly interesting with this new character Niko. She seems to have a connection with Aiden and they have some kind of intimate relationship, even though he’s supposed to be engaged to Emily.

Emily gets her memory back by the end of the show, but that could just create more problems. Especially after seeing next week’s promo.

Here’s a recap of the show.

There is a press conference going on about Emily’s disappearance. Nolan thinks that this is the plan when Patrick comes over and learns of the disappearance.

Emily hangs onto a booie and she tries to press the signal but it doesn’t work. She sees a boat and swims to it.

Jack and Aiden are going to go look for it. Jack tells Aiden that it’s his fault because he gave Emily a deadline. Aiden gets her signal and tells Jack to go and wait for him at Nolan’s.

Conrad is sending off Coast Guards to look for Emily. Charlotte says that she thinks Victoria shot Emily.

Police are asking Margaux about the shooting and she gives him pictures of the event, all except a few.

Conrad lies for Lydia saying that she was with him when the shooting went on.

Detective gets mad with Victoria about her lack of cooperation.

Emily is on a boat, bleeding and cold. Aiden comes to her rescue. She asks him to just go away with him, but he declines saying she needs to get to a hospital. Aiden makes a noise so that the captain sees Emily and calls it in.

Jack is talking to Nolan about Emily. Aiden shows up and tells them he found Emily. Nolan says he will make sure the Graysons won’t kill Emily. Aiden tells Jack to talk to Margeaux about what happened and who shot Emily.

Patrick goes to see Victoria. She says she is a person of interest about the shooting. She tells him she blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened.

The detective is talking to Daniel about Victoria. A cop comes in and tells him that Emily is alive.

The doctor tells Victoria she is not allowed to see Emily. Then she pulls Daniel aside and tells him Emily was never pregnant. Daniel tells her to keep it private.

Nolan tries to see Emily, but Victoria prevents him. Nolan confronts Patrick and Victoria learns that he went to see Nolan and not her. She gets mad. On Nolan’s way out, he leaves his phone on the nurse’s station.

Daniel goes to see Emily. Emily asks him what’s going on. She doesn’t remember anything, including who she is.

Nolan hacks into the hospital records and learn that Emily has brain damage. Aiden says that she is probably faking it to save herself from the Graysons. He says they can use this to get her out of there.

Jack goes to see Margaux. He sees that she kept pictures from the police from the timeframe of the shooting. She thinks that it’s Victoria. Jack notices someone else is missing too.

Charlotte tells Daniel that Sara is ok and tries to comfort him with Emily. She tries to talk to him about Victoria and how she thinks she shot Emily.

Lydia goes to see Victoria. Lydia provokes Victoria and she kicks her and Conrad out.

Aiden is at the hospital going to get Emily. Nolan is helping him. Patrick sees Nolan. They fight and Patrick leaves. Nolan goes back to work. Aiden goes to see Emily but she doesn’t recognize him. She calls for help and he leaves out the window.

Aiden/Nolan tell Jack that she doesn’t remember anything. Nolan suggests Jack go and see her but says no because it’s his fault. He gives Nolan evidence Margaux found and then leaves. Nolan gets mad and Aiden ignores him and sees a nurse going into and leaving Emily’s room.

Daniel goes to see Victoria. He says he knows that Emily lied to him and then tells her he shot her. He says he’s turning himself in.

Victoria goes to see Margaux. She thinks that Conrad is trying to frame her with the shooting. She shows her the pictures she kept from the police. Victoria notices that Lydia is not in them.

Charlotte is talking with Emily, showing her pictures from the wedding. She says she remembers her father. She tells Charlotte her father is David Clarke.

Victoria confronts Conrad about Lydia. She tells Conrad that Daniel shot Emily. She tells them the only way they can help Daniel is to frame Lydia.

Charlotte goes to see Jack. She tells Jack about what Emily said. Jack asks to see Emily.

Conrad goes to see Lydia. He says that he’s going to retract his statement with the police. Lydia knows that something is going on with Conrad. Conrad watches Lydia leave and he calls Victoria and tells her that Lydia’s gone.

A nurse comes in and is about to inject something in Emily’s fluids when Charlotte/Jack interrupt her.

Daniel watches reports that Lydia is not the prime suspect. They fight over the fact that Conrad had to give up Lydia and the fact that Daniel doesn’t have Sara.

Aiden goes to see the nurse, who’s name is Niko. She kisses him before saying that nothing has changed in their plan.

Patrick goes to talk to Victoria, who is packing. Patrick tells her about the box Nolan hides for Emily. Victoria figures out that the box is Emily’s.

Jack is talking with Emily. He gives her the necklace that Amanda was wearing when she died. She remembers that Daniel shot her.

What did you think of the show?

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