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Revelation of a father from Atlanta

The name father is one of the greatest names that can be bestowed and celebrate by any man. Whether you fathered boys or girls, the name father is a very significant title that is most deserving, admired, take pleasure in, and respected all over the world. Sunday, June 15, 2014 is Father’s Day in the city of Atlanta and around the world. Fathers from all walks of life will be admired, thanked, celebrated, idolized and appreciated for all they do for their family.

Father is the foundation of the family
Louis Hubbard

Fathers have been given a gargantuan responsible that demands daily attention, affection, and love. Being a father comes with a lot of personal responsibility with many opportunities to talk the talk and walk the walk, and be an amazing role model for his family. Three hundred and sixty five days a year, fathers are on call and active duty. As a father, there is a commitment and accountability to protect, provide and profess his family unconditionally.

Fathers take great fulfillment in their name, assignment, and duties. As a father, he also shows the strength, faith, and spiritual guidance that his family is counting on him to provide. A father is a man of steel and love is his armor as he defends and protects his family honor and pride. Fathers walk in the pathway and footsteps of their earthly father, but his heavenly Father controls his destiny and guides his purpose on earth, if he only believes and has faith. There are no superheroes walking this earth like a blessed good father, being a father is precious and a priceless gift for any man. Welcome to Atlanta and Happy Father’s Day.

‘Father!-to God himself, we cannot give a holier name.’ -William Wordsworth


Louis Hubbard, Examiner

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