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Revel in Rebel

Rebel, 3462 N. Clark Street, is a Wrigleyville hot spot that I visited for the first time Saturday.

It was the type of crowd that was obviously there to drink excessively and mingle relentlessly. The atmosphere was lively and young. The space in the main room was narrow but efficiently used with plenty of seats along the bar and the opposite wall. There were attentive bartenders, music you could feel in your bones, and quite a few foreign men with charming smiles and grabby hands. Chances are you won’t find Mr. Right at this bar or in the line waiting to get in; But, chances are good you’d run into Mr. Good Enough For Right Now.

The bar offers daily specials and often has guest bartenders and DJs for entertainment (as if the other patrons aren’t enough fun!) On Friday, February 12, Rebel will be hosting a Valentine-esque event called Meet Your Next Ex. Party-goers can get the mingling started with the “Mailbox Game” at 8pm while DJ Jake Reno provides the music.

If you’re looking for a wild time with some fun rebels, I suggest you check it out. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your next ex!


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