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Revel closes in Atlantic City and how that ruins your dating life

Gamblers playing the last night at Revel casino.
Gamblers playing the last night at Revel casino.
Dr. Robert

The Revel was a premiere destination. The building was more of a city than a hotel. Yes, you could get lost in there and that’s where the intrigue and excitement begins for a date night at one of the many restaurants, bars, clubs and shows. This was a fun place to take a date for both married and single couples.

What happened? Why would a two and a half billion dollar casino hotel enter into bankruptcy twice and close after only two years time? There are no easy answers, however, there has to be some poor business decisions being made in both the private and government sectors.

Who gives astronomic mortgages on a business plan that could only fail without a good business model? With the Revel, there was no room for anything other than a full-house of high rollers and guests coming every day of the week year round. It seems there was little room for miscalculations. We all know how hard it is to get a full house.

Who would ever think that poor business decisions could ruin your town, ruin your dating experiences – ruin your sex life – limit the venues that were available to so many in a city that had so much promise?

Let’s mark it up to poor business decisions, poor government planning and poor marketing. Now, we have to hope that someone with deep pockets and deeper business acumen comes in to buy the Revel and any of the other three casinos that have closed. Getting these properties at bargain basement prices will surely make for a viable business. You can be assured that the Revel would have survived with a mortgage at one tenth the amount now on the books.

What can we do?

It’s time to elect officials with good business sense. You can’t keep electing fools who are popular with the people. Actually that’s usually what happens, but we must make a change. The problem is that there are not too many MBAs looking to work in city government.

Well there has to be someone who will step to the plate. Maybe a community organizer could save us. An Obama-type who has no business experience, can’t make a decision about the security of our country, let alone the entire world and when he does make a decision, it contributes to the destruction of our way of life. Yes, maybe our quality of life and the security of our country depends on millions more poor, uneducated illegal aliens being poured into our melting pot.

Maybe we needed healthcare reform, but we just never understood basic math: 30 million new patients who never contribute to the system – plus less doctors once many retire early or refuse to participate in Obama Care – equals longer wait times to see a doctor (though you will see fewer doctors as nurse practitioners and doctor’s assistants treat more patients) – plus rationing of treatment for EVERYONE. Hey, voters, that’s not algebra, its basic math and you never gave it a thought when you voted for socialized medicine. And who's going to pay for this fiasco? YOU - as part of the redistribution of wealth that everyone thought would only affect the rich and not them.

Does anyone see the insanity that we have in our leaders? If we don’t wake up to the poor management of our cities, states and federal government we are doomed. And then, date night will be very sad. There will be nowhere nice to go.

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