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REV4 Change your body fast

REV4 workout, Natalie Jill
REV4 workout, Natalie Jill
Teresa Hofmann

Recently released is the new REV4 DVD by licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer Natalie Jill. Natalie shows you how to rev up metabolism to change the body fast and with zero equipment. This workout is all about functional fitness and progression with short segments of specific exercises using only body weight to provide maximum results.

REV4 Change your body fast
Teresa Hofmann

Now you can follow her on DVD to shed the pounds using these 10-minute workouts each day.

The DVD:
• 4 scientifically designed workouts – REV1 full body, REV2 lower body, REV3 upper body, REV4 core
• Each workout is approximately 10 minutes and done in 30 second intervals
• Exercises are intense with modifications for all levels
• Targets the entire body
• A warm up and cool down with each workout
• Bonus section

With well over 600,000 social media followers Natalie has given hope to people all over the world. Her programs and videos teach primarily body weight exercises that can be done at home with limited time.

This 50 minute video is $19.95 not including SH & tax and can be ordered at her website and that’s right, no equipment needed.

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