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Rev up your metabolism to lose weight...part 1 of 2

National Geographic

Many of you may be asking yourself, “I thought that I was born with my metabolism the way it is?” Well, here’s the thing, yes and no. Our body changes over time depending on how you train your body to act. If you’re one of those that think that eating one meal a day will help you lose weight, you are mistaken. Some of you may even be thinking, “But our ancestors never ate that much since the food was limited and they were slender”. Well, our ancestors ate whenever they got the chance; they never knew when their next meal would be. Don’t follow that trend, otherwise you may find yourself eating too much. They would actually snack, or “graze” all day on whatever they could. They also would have to hunt for their meat and sometimes that would require them to walk or run long distances in order to find something. Unlike us, they couldn’t waltz into a grocery store and purchase a 6 ounce steak for dinner—which yes, comes from a cow. They were very active people, and today, we just aren’t that active sometimes.

Some of you say that you’re exhausted from “running” around all day, but the truth is, that “running” around isn’t the same as running all day. You might wake up, get the kids up, make them breakfast, get them ready for school, jump in the car, drop them off at school, go to work, grab a cup of coffee or latte, sit at the desk and be bombarded with paperwork or computers all day. Then after work, you pick the kids up from school or a boys and girls club or wherever, decide that you need to grab something quick for dinner like McDonald’s or Pizza Hut, go home, feed the kids, get them ready for school tomorrow, then get them ready for bed and then you finally plop on the couch exhausted. But look at that day, did you actually exercise? Or run per say? Some of you workout in that hectic day and that’s great, keep it up! Some however, are just too busy and don’t eat all day till dinner. Unfortunately, what you’re doing is starving your body by doing this. When you go all day without food or fuel for your bodies needs, it holds onto everything because it’s not sure when the next meal will come.

Here’s the trick, eat every two to three hours all day long, or as it’s called, graze all day! This sounds like a lot of work for some since you may ask how can you possibly think about food all day and actually get a chance to eat that many times in one single day? It’s possible; truly it is, if you want to lose weight!

Want to know how to do this or what to eat or how much to eat? Check out Part 2 of 2 for revving up your metabolism!

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