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Rev up your kitchen with color


The hum-drum kitchen is a thing of the past. Todays kitchens are vibrant, colorful centers of activity.

Add color to your kitchen at The Kithchen Shoppe

The kitchen is a living, functional area of the home. If you are a serious cook or a novice, there is a kitchen shop in the Harrisburg area that will make you want to spend more time in the kitchen.

A short drive from Harrisburg, The Kitchen Shoppe, in Carlisle, is the best area source for serious color accents for your kitchen You name it, they have it.

Looking for brightly colored pots and pans or a new red Kitchen-Aid mixer? How about a blue melamine mixing bowl to mix your favorite recipe? Or maybe you need to take a cooking lesson to get the juices flowing? You can find all in one trip to The Kitchen Shoppe

Located near the Pa Turnpike Carlisle exit, The Kitchen Shoppe will make you re-think the importance of cooking. The gadgets are so colorful and fun, you will want to cook. They have a variety of classes for adults and kids to encourage learning at all ages. Some are hands-on and some are demonstration style, so there is a fit for everyone.

Shopping at the store, at least once, is a must if you need kitchen inspiration. The Kitchen Shoppe also has a wonderful website and offers Free Shipping on orders over $100, for the busy cook.

Word of warning, if you have trouble making decisions, you may be in for a challenging day.

Go, be inspired, sign up for a class or just pick up a new colorful kitchen toy. It's a big-city treasure in the heart of the mid-state that we are fortunate to have.

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