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Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Fight back against discrimination at Mozilla’

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Fight back against discrimination at Mozilla’
(Christian Science Monitor video)

Brendan Eich, co-founder and chief executive of Mozilla, the Firefox web browser, resigned on Thursday after being pressured from gay employees and board members over his $1,000 personal donation in support of California’s traditional marriage initiative (Prop 8) six years ago.

Black Conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) through an email on Saturday said that the intolerant left is targeting conservatives in an attempt to silence and drive them out of business, or ruin their careers such as in the case of CEO Brendan Eich.

Rev. Peterson warned last month about the growing intolerance of the left and the lack of courage of most Christians, in which he said, “For decades we’ve been losing ground on just about every social cause. So-called “civil-rights” groups, feminists, radical homosexuals, atheists and extremist environmentalists have been able to advance their depraved ideas at the expense of common sense, decency, and the freedoms protected by the U.S. Constitution.”

Peterson in his email advised that if people are fed up with what happened to Brendan Eich of Mozilla, to call Mozilla at 650-903-0800 and leave a message in their general mailbox letting Mozilla know that there people who support First Amendment rights and Brendan Eich.

Nevertheless, Eich’s resignation is not being taking lightly by many users, including opinions by commentators, as the backlash has begun as users are beginning to unload Firefox and are strongly stating their views on Mozilla’s Facebook page.

On Eich’s resignation, Ryan T. Anderson of said on Thursday, “For some who favor the redefinition of marriage, tolerance appears to have been a useful rhetorical device along the way to eliminating dissent.”

“So was President Obama a bigot back when he supported marriage as the union of a man and woman? And is characterizing political disagreement on this issue—no matter how thoughtfully expressed—as hate speech really the way to find common ground and peaceful co-existence?,” said Anderson.

“Sure, the employees of Mozilla, which makes Firefox, the popular Internet browser— have the right to protest a CEO they dislike, for whatever reason, “said Anderson. “But are they treating their fellow citizens with whom they disagree civilly? Must every political disagreement be a capital case regarding the right to stand in civil society?”

The building outrage over the resignation of Eich also prompted two organizations to set up petition drives.

TruthRevolt stated of their petition, “Mozilla’s intolerance and discrimination against those with different political and religious viewpoints stands in stark contrast to its supposed mission to enshrine “equality and freedom of speech,” and must not be tolerated.”

ACT Right started their petition on the same day as TruthRevolt by saying, “The champions of tolerance once again have turned into bullies to harass and punish all who disagree with their opinions.”

Whether or not the calls to Mozilla, unloading or not using Firefox, and the petitions will influence Mozilla, Rev. Peterson said, “We are not hateful people. We’re comprised of Americans who care about the country and don’t want to see the values and institutions that helped make this country great destroyed.”

“Let them call you what they want, just don’t hate them back… and don’t back down!”

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