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Rev Burger River North: healthy, delicious burgers, fries and more

Quick, healthy, delish
Quick, healthy, delish
Linda Matlow

If you live in the US, even the most acetic personality who works out, meditates and eats alot of veg, gets a craving for a cheeseburger and fries. You can satisfy that craving without going to the health confessional if you sin without guilt at Rev Burger.

The first location in Carol Stream now has a sister outpost in the city snugly situated at 22 W Ohio St, between State and Dearborn, so visitors and worker bees in River North can have their fries and eat them, too. There are no hormones, antibiotics or fillers in any item and the juicy Rev Burgers are made with 100 percent Angus Beef that have not been fed any steroids - only natural feed such as pasture grass, hay, grains and legumes. Yes, there's a veggie burger for purists, too. Shakes are organic and yogurt-based and you won't see or smell a fryer at Rev Burger. French Fries are oven baked, along with the chicken tenders to a delicious and healthy crisp. Trust me, you won't know you're wolfing down baked fries - they are that good. Hot dogs are all-beef and contain no fillers, nitrates or nitrites and the chicken is white meat-only as well as antibiotic and hormone-free. Perhaps you're in the mood for Italian beef and sweet potato tots? Even the brownies are gluten free and delish. The calorie count is right on the menu and you'll be shocked at how much tasty fast food you can eat at Rev for not a lot of money or calories.

There are salads from which to choose (Cobb, Fruit & Nut, Chicken Caesar), breakfast sandwiches, a menu for kids and what? 100 craft beers?

Lunch at the Golden Arches? Whatever for?

Rev Burger
22 W Ohio St
Chicago, IL 60654

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