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Reuters speaks with John Lasseter

John Lasseter and friend.
John Lasseter and friend.
Image copyright Pixar

Oddly enough, there's another new interview up today with one of the founders of Pixar. This time, it's John Lasseter and the folks asking the questions hail from Reuters.

Here's a sample:

On whether or not he thought UP would succeed at the box office:

"Probably more than any other movie we've made here at Pixar, "Up" was the one we were the most nervous about ... Our audience is so important to us. Every single day, the question that is foremost in my mind is: 'Are we holding our audience?' We think our audience is very smart, especially kids. But when someone describes "Up" to you, it doesn't seem like a movie kids would like. It's about a 78-year-old guy!"

On why he chose to steer Disney back toward hand-drawn animation with The Princess and the Frog:

"I love the medium. It was where I got my training. Never in the history of cinema has a medium entertained an audience. It's what you do with the medium. But for some reason, hand-drawn animation became the scapegoat for bad storytelling."

And on why Pixar's stories are so successful:

"I believe in research. Each movie at Pixar involves research with college professors or taking trips to learn as much as we can about a particular subject matter...I have met a lot of top chefs around the world during my travels. Each one of them has said "Ratatouille" is their favorite movie and the only movie that truly captures what they do. Auto Week called "Cars" the best car movie because the details were spot on."


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