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Reuse your Keurig K-Cups with the My-Kap to save money and experience new flavors!


Can the My-Kap revolutionize your Keurig brewing experience?

My-Kap ClearI love coffee - especially fresh coffee that I can get from my favorite shop to enjoy.  I also love convenience, and unfortunately, most traditional coffee makers don't provide the convenience that a single-cup coffee brewer allows for.  However, convenience always comes with a cost, and while my Keurig B60 single-cup coffee maker is almost perfect, my new budget makes enjoying my coffee quite cost-prohibitive.  The My-Kap has officially changed the game.

The My-Kap is such a brilliantly simple device that you'll definitely think to yourself, why didn't I think of this?!?  It is basically a small plastic disc that fits over the top of a used K-Cup and allows you to reuse your K-Cups 10 to 20 times.  Since I currently pay $.40 to $.50 per K-Cup and about 5 cups per day throughout my household, I'm averaging $75 monthly in coffee.  With one My-Kap costing less than $10, and a bag of my favorite ground coffee at about $5, I'm able to cut my monthly coffee bill to less than $22 (and the My-Kap is a sunk cost anyways, so once the initial small purchase is done, you are left with simply buying your favorite coffee).  One additional benefit is the ability to use your own coffee - this expands your variety and available flavors.

So what do you get with the My-Kap?

  • kaps to make it possible to reuse your Keurig K-Cup's
  • special removal tool to help you get the kap out of the K-Cup after it is used
  • money back guarantee if you aren't entirely satisfied with the My-Kap

I highly recommend that anyone with a Keurig brewer invest in a few My-Kap's.  You'll be happy you did, and they really do pay for themselves after the first few uses.  Head over to My-Kap's site for additional info and to purchase.  Post your own experiences with the My-Kap in the comments!

Reuse your Keurig K-Cups!


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