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Reuse silica gel packets instead of tossing

Silica gel packets have many uses.
Silica gel packets have many uses.
Liesl Clark

Silica gel packets come in a great array of product packaging from pepperoni to guitars and shoes. The packets usually state "do not eat" or even "throw away"and so many consumers believe them to be toxic. On the contrary, they wouldn't be in with that pepperoni if they were poisonous. These little pouches contain a non-toxic inert desiccant similar to sand that will dry out anything nearby.

The Carolinas Poison Center states that "Silica gel is non-toxic, meaning that it is not poisonous if eaten. The package says "do not eat" because (1) it is not food, and (2) it could be a choking hazard. The packet or gels may easily become lodged in the throat of a small child or animal."

And so do not eat or choke on these little packs but instead continue to aim for Zero Waste and keep that which is destined for the landfill, in use. Below is a not at all exhaustive list of ten ideas for reuse instead of sending them to keep moisture out of an already wet and smelly landfill:

}Tuck a pack in your Halloween pumpkin to keep mold away just a little longer.

}Keep silica gel in your safe with important documents.

}Use instead of rice to dry out a water submerged mobile phone.

}If you have trouble keeping your car windshield from fogging because of moisture trapped within your car, put some silica packets on the dashboard.

}Include with garden seeds over the winter to keep them dry.

}Keep a few within each long term storage tub in the basement or garage, already slightly wet locations.

}Stuff some packets in with your photos, photo album and scrapbooks.

}Stash a silica pack in your dishwasher detergent to keep powered soap from caking and the soap gel packs from sticking together.

}Use them to de-stink books, fabric, furniture etc.

}Keep a gel pack in with your tools to prevent rust.

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