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Reusable Vinyl Shade Wall Hanging/Poster Board

Reusable Poster Board/ Wall Hanging Canvas

Steps and examples of what to create on a white vinyl shade with washable paint for reuse Blank canvas
Diane Morris
Painting example for reusable vinyl sahde
Diane Morris

Using washable paint, white vinyl shades make for the perfect reusable canvas for children to paint on for wall hangings in their room or for poster board use such as Seasons Greetings or Happy Birthday. In general painting is fun for kids however, painting on a piece of paper becomes boring and if a child does not express a keen talent in painting than the use of painting canvas' are too expensive. Using a Vinyl shade with washable paint is fun and exciting for children. Also, the canvas size is larger than most piece of paper, therefore giving a child more room to display their creations.

So whether a child is interested in painting something to match the theme in their room or simply would like to decorate for a party, painting on a vinyl shade is a fun experience for children. The beauty of this activity is that the child does not have to stick with what they have painted. They can instead do the activity over and over again for multiple uses and purposes.


White Vinyl Shade. You can buy one at The Home Depot or like stores

Washable paint

Paint brush

Suggested Materials:

Wash cloth

Dish soap

Drying cloth

The directions for this activity are self-explanatory but, first, lay out the vinyl shade on the floor for your child to get a sense of their canvas size. Using a large table is not suggested because it is likely the child will not be able to reach the center of the canvas and may have to step/sit onto the canvas to create their painting. If your child desires a smaller painting size then you can roll up the shade from the bottom and secure on each end side with paper clips. Once the canvas size is to one's liking, and having an idea in mind, have your child start paint and then let dry.

Once the painting has dried, the canvas can be hung in any fashion you find suitable. There should be no problem in keeping the vinyl rolled down but if you find this to be a problem then you may use thumb tacks to keep the bottom edges in place or find a different remedy.

To re-paint and wash the canvas dry simply poor dish soap and water into a bowl, mix around, and place a wash cloth inside. Then wipe the canvas soapy, using a dry towel to wash off excess. And there you will have a clean, new canvas.

Hope your child enjoys this activity time and time again!

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