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Reuniting with your ex

Play it cool

Maybe you and your ex started out as good friends, and you had a pretty good relationship before you broke up. While you are excited about seeing them again, don’t start out by professing your undying love for them or begging to get them back if you are interested in getting back together. Doing so would cause you to appear desperate and turn them off. However, it is okay to smile and ask them about their life and family as long as you don’t get to personnel. It’s not such a good idea to ask them for their telephone number or for a date if he is married or involved in a committed relationship.

Ask them out on a date

After talking for a little while, you both may notice that you still love each other and want to patch things up. In this case, it is okay to ask them out on a date. Just know that there is a chance that they will turn you down. Don’t probe them as of the reason why. At this point, you should let them know that you are happy to have seen them again and wish them well.

Walk off

You should leave the spot you in which you are located as soon as possible if your ex is abusive. Avoid arguing with them or trying to explain to them what happened to the relationship. Don’t try to use your new lover to make them jealous if you are with someone else. Call the cops if they begin to follow you.

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